TWiP 480: Did Steve Jobs Change Photography?

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TWiP 480: Did Steve Jobs Change Photography?

Steve Jobs, you know the guy who co­founded Apple with Steve Wozniak… is about to be inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum. In this episode I discuss his posthumous induction, and is it warranted.

Also SmugMug rescues stranded PictureLife customers, sparking a discussion around back­up, and cloud-­based photo storage services.

And lastly, the Federal Aviation Administration in the US has finally ruled, definitively, that commercial drone use is legal. And they’ve provided a few simple steps for would­be commercial drone pilots to follow.

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  1. I think another interesting discussion would be whether Graham Nash deserves to be inducted into the hall of fame. He took an existing technology (ink jet printing) and applied a fancy French name to it (Giclee) and called it fine art printing. Thanks to him we now have people throwing that word around as though it means something when it really doesn’t. I wonder why that’s such a big contribution that warrants special recognition.

  2. Edwin Land was inducted into the Photography Hall of Fame, arguably for similar reasons as Steve Jobs (also a huge influence on Steve but that’s by the by). He wasn’t inducted due to the images he made, rather the influence he had on the art form as it evolved.

  3. re: jobs as an artist… and the comment made in the show about iPhone users turning to photographers. remember that one who takes a photo and is paid for it … is a photographer. so many people are picking up iPhones, and using it with instagram… and getting paid. they are NOT photographers in the traditional sense… but times and definitions change/adapt. i don’t like instagram… but these are actually photographers. so yes, the iPhone is creating photographers

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