TWiP 481: Photokina Preview

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TWiP 481: Photokina Preview

With the Photokina tradeshow just around the corner, vendors are polishing up their offerings, and teasing us with the next amazing thing that will make us whip out that credit card. DJI has new drones, GoPro also has new drones, and even Garmin is entering the fray with an action camera that takes direct aim at GoPro. There are definitely some interesting announcements ahead!

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  1. good luck with voice control if you have strong accent….unless it has a way how to learn a particular voice

    1. I didn’t try to talk to it in my native language. It is just my English suffers from heavy accent. I work with English speaking team in english speaking country so it would make sense to speak to it in English. No matter how hard I try to pronounce the question as clearly as possible, on every occasion I get different answer. Especially with Siri. Got better success with Google Speech but nothing I could rely on 100%.

  2. Very heavy on drones and action cameras like GoPro. Extremely light on Photokina Preview. You should really retitle this episode. No info on potential new lenses, or new potential still camera announcements.
    Also Frederik is so obsessed with drones he might as well change the title of this channel to “Drones are Us”. I’m sure there are many users interested in this very trendy topic. That’s just not me.

    Also Doug, is there going to be more About the Gear new content produced? Very little new content in quite a while.

  3. Heard Canon Finally decided to take a serious step into mirrorless with the Canon M5 at photokina. A little late to the party, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.. Finally. Now they just need to build nicer native lenses and they have a market.

  4. I wanted to add that I don’t think the video assist has instream lut to view your vlog in rec 709 (non flat) while recording vlog or other flatter profiles. The monitor also clips highlights and shadows that are not actually clipped in your recorded video.

    1. Also the HDR is NOT THE SAME as HDR photography (taking multiple exposures). Rec 709 is a very limited color space that most TV’s and broadcast uses. REC2020 is the new HDR color space coming out on the new TV’s etc. HDR just refers to being able to view the footage in REC2020 vs rec709

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