TWiP Talks 35: Drone Experts Talk Drones!

[smart_track_player url=”″ color=”6a1915″ title=”Drone Experts Talk Drones!” artist=”TWiP Talks 35″ ]Are you interested in jumping into the world of drones and aerial photography? In this episode of TWiP Talks I put two drone experts on the hot seat!

Considering my relative “newbie” status with my drone, I decided to ask these guys questions from that standpoint. I’ve been flying my drone for about a month, and during that time several questions have popped up. Questions that you’d likely never think to ask unless you were actually piloting one of these aircraft.

These guys are experts, and are the perfect people to tackle these questions!

Trace VanGorden, also known as “VonQuad” is the Owner, Founder and Pilot at Charlotte Drone Works, an aerial photography and videography startup. He’s also the host of the Quad Talk Podcast, a new show focusing on the FPV (First Person View) racing quad industry.

Paul Alexander is Chief Pilot at The Drone U — a training community for UAV/UAS (unmanned aerial vehicle / unmanned aerial systems) education.

Connect with Trace:
Instagram- @CharlotteDroneWorks and @QuadTalkPodcast
Twitter- @clt_droneworks

Connect with Paul:
Instagram- @Taitkenflight, @TheDroneU
Twitter: @TheDroneU

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