TWiP 489: Wanderlust & New Gear

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TWiP 489: Wanderlust & New Gear

In this episode I introduce you to a new member of the TWiP family, Federico Chieli to talk about Microsoft's new Surface Studio PC that wants to kill the iMac. Plus Apple updates the MacBook Pro with a new Touch Bar and Sweden bans drones in public places.

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One Comment

  1. Great job you guys! Love the show. Full disclosure I love to tinker with my computers and am a fan of the windows system and building my own editing monster. Currently wielding a couple dual xeon’s (not available in a new mac). It used to be that windows would get bogged down with age and drivers etc, but I haven’t found that the case in the last iteration of windows.

    Not quite sure why everyone is comparing the new windows surface studio to an imac. Yes it looks similar in it’s form factor but it’s not even close to the same device. It’s TOUCH SCREEN!!!!! It’s 28″s of TOUCH SCREEN with an accompanying pen and a way to drop it down into a comfortable drafting mode. The biggest issue I keep hearing is it’s expensive “for what it is”. Yes it is an expensive piece of kit and it’s not for me, however, It is a 28″ 4K cintiq (cintiq is 27″ and not even 4k) with a built in full on OS driving the entire device. Similar spec computer is 2K at least and the cintique runs for $2300. The price makes sense. It’s for graphic designers, painters, architects etc. Rant over. Love you guys!!!