TWiP 319 – The Reincarnation of SmugMug

This week on TWiP, a photographer is outed for plagiarism, Smugmug reboots from the ground up, and Instagram enables image embedding. Plus, a very timely interview with Smugmug's co-founder and frontman Chris "Baldy" MacAskill.

TWiP #281 – O Canada O Copyright

This week on the show, Canadian photographers rejoice over changes to their copyright laws, interesting new photography trends emerge, a Brazilian model uses Hurricane Sandy's aftermath as a backdrop for a photo shoot, SmugMug responds to "passionate feedback", and Bruce Clarke chats with Gerard Murphy from Mosaic.
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7 Professional Photo-Sharing Sites

SmugMug's price increase is has been one of the hottest photography topics not involving hardware in quite a while. Many photographers have written off SmugMug as just another greedy vendor while others have come to the defense of this reputable company. In this article we look at the choices.

Patents, Pixels and Trolls

The original intent of the patent process was to prevent damage, but not stifle innovation. Unfortunately, the tech industry is currently being throttled by stifling patents and frequently the trolls that pursue them.

TWiP #271 – SmugMuggery

This week we're feeling a little "smug". Dave Dugdale, Doug Kaye, and Ron Brinkmann join Frederick to talk about SmugMug's price increase, focus peaking finding it's way into more cameras plus a revealing interview with the President of SmugMug - Chris MacAskill.
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Smugmug Hearts Animoto

Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to create an Animoto video using the images you have in your SmugMug library? TWiP contributor Patrick Reed shares his workflow to quickly create an Animoto slideshow using images he has already uploaded to SmugMug.