Introducing The Flickr Foundation!

This week, SmugMug and Flickr have announced a brand new initiative called The Flickr Foundation. It's an independent, community-focused organization committed to preserving Flickr's massive library of billions of images and stewarding this cultural treasure for future generations.

SmugMug, Flickr, (and now TWiP) Chief Operating Officer Ben MacAskill, and Executive Director of the Flickr Foundation George Oates join me on this week's episode to discuss the foundation.

Ben MacAskill has spent the last 20 years of his career building online experiences for passionate photographers. As President & COO of SmugMug, Flickr, and This Week in Photo (TWiP).

George Oates is a designer and entrepreneur and has worked online since 1996. She was the first designer of Flickr from its launch until 2008 and returns as the first Executive Director of the new Flickr Foundation.

About The Flickr Foundation

Flickr has grown into one of the most extensive photo collections on Earth. It contains tens of billions of images from people worldwide and keeps growing every day.

That’s why we’ve created the Flickr Foundation—an independent, community-focused organization. We’re committed to stewarding this cultural treasure for future generations, and fostering a visual commons we can all enjoy.

COO Ben MacAskill explains the reasoning behind Smugmug's purchase of Flickr: