TWiP 319 – The Reincarnation of SmugMug


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Nicole S. Young, Joseph Linaschke & Derrick Story

This week on TWiP…

  • A Photographer is outed for plagiarism
  • SmugMug Reboots and Instagram adds image embedding
  • Plus, an interview with SmugMug's Chris MacAskill

Nicole S. Young, Joseph Linaschke and Derrick Story join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these breaking stories and lots more this week on TWiP.

  1. – Derrick's new site
  2. All About the Gear – Frederick and Doug Kaye's new show
  4. Is Aperture still relevant? discussion on
  5. Zenfolio
  6. PhotoShelter Beam Service
  7. If This Then That —
  8. 500px
  9. Olympus TG2
  10. Eye-Fi Mobi

Nicole: to print vinyl backgrounds (click for a close-up example) & RAW art showsHere's a link to Nicole's show in San Jose.

Joseph: Lastolite 78″ skylite reflector kit.

Derrick: The Ricoh GR

Frederick: Leap Motion Controller  –  “Minority Report” for your Mac.

Frederick had the pleasure of sitting down with both SmugMug co-founder Chris MacAskill and the company's Technical Account Manager Nick Wrzesinski to get the inside scoop on SmugMug's impressive new overhaul. Check out both videos below.

TWiP's newest ViewBug photo contest:

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lyrics”

We provide you with a song, you listen to it and interpret the song as best you can in a photo. This contest's song is: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly, as performed by the artist Charice – you can watch her perform the song here.

Note: Entries for this contest will be accepted through August 31st. Enter NOW! Watch Frederick explain how he came up with this contest in the video below!

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