SmugMug’s This Lens Project!

I'm excited to work with SmugMug on their newly released “This Lens” project!

If you haven’t heard of SmugMug, they’re the Internet's largest and most respected photo management, storage, sharing, and selling site. You can create a beautiful gallery, upload RAW photos, and sell your photos to your clients – all through SmugMug. Their purpose is to power photographers & help YOU grow your revenue & your business. Make sure to check them out.

This first video is a peek at the “This Lens” series —they’re video vignettes featuring thoughts from photographers just like you, describing what motivates them to shoot and keep shooting. I think you'll enjoy this… check it out.

This video was just a teaser, so be sure to check out the whole “This Lens” series. The videos are all about the power of the lens to change perspectives, capture memories, and impact lives. The five stories posted now are just a start—and SmugMug tells me there are more on the way… and you can share your OWN story.

So to dive deeper into the stories you saw in this teaser video or to tell the world what YOUR lens does best — visit

This Lens, by SmugMug

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