From Radio to Photo: Steve Brazill’s Creative Journey

This week I'm joined by Steve Brazill, a renowned concert photographer and seasoned radio personality. Steve delves into his diverse career, discussing how his experiences in radio have influenced his approach to photography. From tips on capturing dynamic concert shots to reflections on the evolution of photography, Steve’s insights are both inspiring and educational. Read on for a deep dive into the life and work of this multifaceted creative professional.

Steve Brazill is a Southern California-based music photographer and the host of the Behind the Shot Podcast. Music has been a special force in Steve’s life for as long as he can remember. As a radio personality, emcee, and voice actor, he has been deeply involved in the music and entertainment industry for many years. Steve is on the air at KCAL FM, where he also handles their concert photography. Additionally, he serves as a house photographer for a variety of venues in Southern California.

Steve’s goal with every show he photographs is to combine his love of music and photography to tell a viewer the story of a show. He aims to help them remember it or wish they had been there by capturing moments that bring the show to life, including those defining moments that happen on stage or behind the scenes.

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