Crafting Cravings! Food and Beverage Photography with Freddy Clark

Freddy Clark, a respected food and beverage photographer, joins the show for an in-depth discussion about the art and science of creating stunning images in this specialized genre. Throughout the interview, Freddy shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, covering topics such as the importance of lighting, styling, and preparation in food and beverage photography.

Freddy also addresses the impact of technology, including the rise of AI and computational photography, on the industry and how professionals can adapt to these changes. Additionally, Freddy provides valuable advice for those looking to enter this competitive field and shares his thoughts on the future of food and beverage photography.

About Freddy Clark

Freddy Clark's journey to becoming a renowned beverage and food photographer was filled with unexpected twists and turns. After graduating from college, he began his career in radio, working as an On-Air DJ and Production Director for several rock stations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A decade later, Freddy felt the need for a change and decided to explore the world of technology.

Freddy Clark
Freddy Clark

It wasn't until the birth of his daughter that photography truly captured Freddy's heart. Driven by an insatiable desire to learn and grow, he immersed himself in the craft, reading extensively, studying the work of other photographers, and attending workshops. Like many aspiring photographers, Freddy initially dabbled in various genres, including portraits, street photography, and landscapes. However, his path became clearer when, after spending a couple of years shooting weddings for other studios, a local restaurant asked him to photograph their food. This opportunity marked a turning point in his career, as Freddy discovered his true calling in food and beverage photography.

Freddy's passion for craft beer led him to experiment with photographing bottles in his garage on a rainy day. This experience solidified his direction and set him on the path to becoming a sought-after photographer in the industry. Today, Freddy works with beverage brands, bars, and restaurants, creating stunning visual content that showcases their offerings. He has also shared his knowledge and expertise by teaching photography workshops for prestigious organizations such as Princeton Photo Workshops and Canon, as well as offering independent workshops to aspiring photographers.


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