SmugMug Films Releases: Karen Hutton – Framing the Journey

featuring Karen Hutton and Anton Lorimer

In this interview, I sit down with Karen Hutton and Anton Lorimer, the two amazing artists behind the newly released Smugmug film titled “Framing the Journey”. We discuss the inception of the film, shooting on location, and producing world-class work with a very small team.

Karen Hutton finds inspiration when she lets the environment around her completely consume her. It’s then she can translate her experience, the feelings, colors, and textures into a photograph. This perpetual search for the profound and the awe-inspiring has been the essence of her entire career.

“My photography is about a philosophy,” Hutton says. “It’s about the world, about life, and all the possibilities that exist in between.”

SmugMug’s newest film follows Hutton on a journey through the picturesque landscapes of Slovenia – from the intimate seaside town of Piran, to the haunting waters of Lake Bled, up through the crisp ranges of the Julian Alps. “Framing the Journey” unveils both the epic beauty of a charming country tucked between Italy and Croatia and the wonder of the artist experiencing it all for the first time.

Anton Lorimer, a cinematographer, director, and editor for SmugMug Films, partnered with FUJIFILM and leveraged DJI’s Mavic 2 drone to deliver “Framing the Journey” in sharp, 4K resolution. Just in time to inspire a sense of renewal in the new year, join Hutton as she captures the rich variety of tones, shades, and textures of Slovenia’s landscapes.

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