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Street Focus 05: Q&A and Street Challenge

On this episode of Street Focus, I answer questions sent by Mark Reierson and Steve Brokaw about making money with your street photography. Also, what to do in a situation when someone confronts you on the street about taking their picture. And how to mix fashion and street photography. And there's a new Street Challenge! MOTION!
Beauty After Breast Cancer

TWiP Talks 05: Beauty After Breast Cancer

This project, Beauty After Breast Cancer, is a book being produced by Katelyn Carey, a nurse who had a preventative mastectomy at the age of 29. Together with photographer and TWiP host Joseph Linaschke, they are working with a team of devoted professionals in the Ashland, OR area, to create a Kickstarter funded resource unlike anything currently available.

TWiPster – Our Theme Song

Enter the TWiPster! Way back in prehistoric times when TWiP first began, Alex Lindsay and Scott Bourne worked with New York City based composer Scott Cannizzaro to create the now iconic theme song for...
The Decisive Moment

The End of the Decisive Moment?

Panasonic has announced a new firmware update for the LUMIX GH4. The firmware adds a new 4K Photo Mode – it’s a “new way of photography” according to Panasonic. This “new way” promises to help take some of the luck (and maybe even skill) out of capturing that decisive moment.
Camera on Tripod

A New Backup Strategy for Photographers

I’m about to run out of disk storage for my Lightroom image catalog, so in preparation for a new iMac — one that supports a Thunderbolt disk system — I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my backup systems. This is a long blog post, but it thoroughly covers what I’m now using for backup and what I learned in the process of getting to the final result.
GM5 In hands

Panasonic Unveils the Lumix GM5

Earlier this week at the Photokina trade show, Panasonic introduced the LUMIX DMC-GM5! Skipping three whole numbers from the amazing little GM1, the new GM5 sports a number of improvements over the now...

Sync Speed and Mirrorless Cameras

All About the Gear host Doug Kaye goes in-depth on a listener question: "I have a question for the gearheads in the crowd. Why does the Sony A7 have a sync speed of only 1/250 of a second? I gather it must...

The Sony Ecosystem

Sony Marketing Manager Peter Crithary and Mark Weir, Senior Technical Manager join me to discuss the Sony professional line of video cameras as well as the consumer line-up.
Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin on Cinephotography

Sony Artisan of Imagery Jeff Berlin discusses his process, the convergence of his still photographic and motion worlds into what he calls "cinephotography".

Sony Reveals the A7s!

Sony reveals the newest addition to its A7 line of full-frame mirrorless cameras-the A7S! And this one adds 4K to the mix.
Paris France

Frederick in Paris

I've been looking for a reason to go hang out in Paris for some time now, so when Valérie Jardin suggested I tag along at her June street photography workshop, I immediately said "um, yes!".
frederick frame_featured

Happy Holidays from TWiP!

We here at TWiP would like wish you and your family a happy, safe and pixel perfect holiday season. Here's a quick happy holidays video!