A Photographers’ Christmas in October

It’s happening again. Only a few select people knew about it last time, and no one knew when or even IF it would happen again. But today — here we are.

I am, of course, referring to the famous 5DayDeal event that kicked off today. It’s an amazing deal for anyone wanting to learn more about, or get better at photography.

10530769_10102454111333081_496099259699251485_nEssentially, it works like this:

TWiP, and the folks at 5DayDeal, have partnered with some of the top photography educators in the world. Contributors include 2014 Photoshop World keynote speaker Joel Grimes as well as Trey Ratcliff, David DuChemin, Zack Arias, Serge Ramelli and many more.

What they have put together is an amazing collection of more than 40 photography education tools & resources worth more than $2,000. The cost to purchase? Just $89! Many of these photographers have even appeared on TWiP over the years. This is really kind of crazy, and is a no-brainer for almost everyone.

And you can help support TWiP by purchasing this package through our affiliate link!

Check out the details below, then purchase the bundle BEFORE the deal is over on October 20th, 2014!



  1. Designing an Image by Lindsay Adler

  2. Fashion Posing Guide by Lindsay Adler

  3. Lucca Textures by Lindsay Adler

  4. Photoshop for Photographers + My Full 2014 Workflow Bundle by Serge Ramelli

  5. Midnight in Paris Bonus Edition by Trey Ratcliff

  6. Take The Mystery Out Of Lighting by Joel Grimes

  7. Advanced Techniques in Liquid & Splash Hi-Speed Photography by Alex Koloskov

  8. Compositing Bundle by Jaime Ibarra

  9. Mask It Like A Pro by Klaus Herrmann

  10. One Light 2.0 by Zack Arias

  11. Light and Process: Landscape Photography by Nicole S. Young

  12. Lightroom Presets Bundle: The Great Eight by Nicole S. Young

  13. The Photographer’s Post-Production by Gavin Gough

  14. Portrait Lighting On Location by Darlene Hildebrandt

  15. Birds Through The Lens by Juan Pons

  16. Jessica Drossin Texture Pack 1-4 Bundle by Jessica Drossin

  17. Amanda Diaz Photography Bundle by Amanda Diaz

  18. 25 Lightroom Fashion Presets by Lindsay Adler

  19. 10 Common Photography Mistakes and How To Fix Them by James Brandon

  20. Stormy Skies Lightroom Presets by James Brandon

  21. Starry Night Lightroom Presets by James Brandon

  22. Tack Sharp: A Step By Step Guide To Nailing Focus by James Brandon

  23. 5D Mark III Viewfinder Mock Up Tool by Martin Bailey

  24. Time Is On Your Side by Scott Wyden Kivowitz

  25. Absorbing Light by Scott Wyden Kivowitz

  26. Bokeh: Creating Shallow Depths by Christopher O’Donnell

  27. Golden Hours: Photographing The Light of Sunrise And Sunset by Christopher O’Donnell

  28. Mastering Lightroom: Book 1 – The Library Module by Andrew S. Gibson

  29. Mastering Lightroom: Book 2 – The Develop Module by Andrew S. Gibson

  30. Mastering Lightroom: Book 3 – Black & White by Andrew S. Gibson

  31. Mastering Photography by Andrew S. Gibson

  32. The Created Image Video Series Vol. 1 by David duChemin

  33. Lightroom Develop Presets by David duChemin

  34. Chasing The Look by David duChemin

  35. Drawing The Eye by David duChemin

  36. The Visual Imagination by David duChemin

  37. Vision Is Better 1 by David duChemin

  38. Vision Is Better 2 by David duChemin

  39. Vision Is Better 3 by David duChemin

  40. There’s No Excuse For Bad Photography by Joseph Linaschke

  41. Remask by Topaz Labs

  42. 30 Day Free Trial by lynda.com







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