Street Focus 04: SmartPhone Street Photography with Elif Suyabatmaz

Elif Suyabatmaz
Elif Suyabatmaz

In episode 4 of Street Focus we meet with Elif Suyabatmaz, a photographer living in Istanbul who shoots her street photography with her iPhone and the iOS App Hipstamatic.

The Art of Being Invisible

Elif Suyabatmaz shares her simple approach to create stunning images on the streets of Istanbul with her iPhone. We discuss how leaving the technical aspect of photography aside can enhance your creativity and vision when shooting on the street.

She talks about her simple workflow, her work with the Tiny Collective and a recent exhibit of her work in Istanbul. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Elif’s Hipstamatic choices: AO DLX film with John S Lens

After you listen to this episode, I urge you to see more of Elif’s work on Flickr and follow her on Instagram. Also, make sure you visit the Tiny Collective site and view her profile video.

Some of Elif’s work:

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