TheFIX 080: Photoshop Toning & Color Tinting

In this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan shares some tips and techniques for creating color toning and tinting (i.e., "hand coloring") effects for black & white images. Beyond those key topics, this show also features useful tips on adjustment layers, layer masks, blending modes, and alternate ways of applying color tinting.
concert photography image by Alan Hess

TheFIX 079: Concert Photography with Alan Hess

On this episode of TheFIX, Alan Hess provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to photograph concerts and other high-profile live events, shows some of his favorite concert images, and shares some cool Lightroom and Photoshop processing tips.
Black & White with Tonality Pro

TheFIX 078: Black & White with Tonality Pro

On this episode of TheFIX, photographer and photo educator Dan Hughes joins host Seán Duggan to talk about processing black & white images using Macphun's Tonality Pro plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop. Tonality is available for the Mac OS individually, or as part of the Creative Kit of 6 photo editing apps.

TheFIX 077: Photoshop World Talks II

On this episode of TheFIX Seán Duggan concludes his series of talks from the recent Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Julieanne Kost talks about image sequencing and the Adobe Portfolio site that is available to all Creative Cloud members; Glyn Dewis shares some of his inspiration sources for the innovative images and composites he creates; and Josh Haftel talks about some of the misconceptions that many people still have about mobile photography and how he uses Lightroom Mobile in his own photo workfow.
Photoshop World

TheFIX 076: Photoshop World Talks I

Host Seán Duggan takes TheFIX on the road to Photoshop World in Las Vegas for some short audio interviews with some of the instructors and industry insiders at the conference. In this episode we talk mobile workflow and possibilities with Adobe's Bryan O'Neil Hughes, and photographer Levi Sim from shares gear and masking tips.
Procssing Underwater Photos

TheFIX 075: Erika Thornes – Underwater Photography

On the 75th episode of TheFIX photographer Erika Thornes joins Seán Duggan for a conversation about her beautiful and dreamlike underwater images, as well as tips for photographing portraits and models underwater, and the Lightroom processing techniques she uses to color correct, improve and enhance her underwater photography.
Lightroom keywords

TheFIX 074: Lightroom Keywords 101

In this episode of TheFIX, Seán Duggan shows some of the essentials for working with keywords in Lightroom so you can locate images more easily. We start with applying keywords on import and then look at ways to apply and edit keywords after the photos have been imported, with a look at keywording concepts and strategy. Stops on our journey include the Keywording and Keyword Lists panel, working with suggested keywords and creating keyword sets.

TheFIX 073: iOS Photos – Quick Tips

New to the iPhone? Or, just need some tips working with the iOS Photos app? On this episode of TheFIX, Seán Duggan shows some of the essentials for working with the iOS Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. We cover the Camera Roll, the date and location-based organization offered by Moments, Collections and Years, as well as the Smart Albums created by iOS, and albums that you create.We also look at the Maps and Search features to find images based on where and when they where photographed.

TheFIX 072: Photoshop CC 2015.5 – Kicking the Tires

Last week Adobe released the new Photoshop CC 2015.5 , and in this episode of TheFIX we kick the tires and take it for a spin to check out the new features of most interest to photographers: Content-Aware Crop, the new Select & Mask task space, which represents a significant upgrade to what used to be the Refine Edge and Refine Mask dialogs; and the new Face-Aware panel in the Liquify filter.

TheFIX 071: Photoshop Clipping Masks

This week on TheFIX, host Seán Duggan takes a look at an essential layer technique in Photoshop: the use of layer clipping masks and clipping groups. A clipping mask allows you to take advantage of "masking without a mask", using an underlying layer's transparency as a virtual mask.

TheFIX 070: Lightroom CC – Guided Upright

This week on TheFIX, host Seán Duggan covers the recent 2015.6/6.6. Lightroom update and in a multi-image test drive he explores the new Guided Upright feature in Lightroom CC for correcting perspective distortions. Reminder: You still have a week to enter the current Rocky Nook book giveaway.

TheFIX 069: Backup Strategies with Jim Goldstein

In this episode of TheFIX, photographer Jim Goldstein joins host Seán Duggan for a conversation about chasing moonbows in Yosemite and backup strategies for keeping your images safe from hard drive failure or other catastrophes.

TheFIX 068: Mobile Creativity with Dan Marcolina

In this episode of TheFIX, designer and photographer Dan Marcolina takes us on a magical mystery tour of iPhoneography, mobile creativity, and his books and apps (now available for free!) on that subject.

TheFIX 067: Encaustic Prints with Jill Skupin Burkholder

In this episode of TheFIX, fine art photographer Jill Skupin Burkholder joins host Seán Duggan for a conversation about her work making encaustic prints, a process that uses hot beeswax and resin over the photographic image. We focus on her Hidden Worlds series, which combines digital images of wildlife captured by a motion-activated trail camera with the organic and textural qualities created by the hot wax used in the encaustic process.

TheFIX 066: Defining Your Photographic Style with Brian Matiash

In this episode of TheFIX, photographer, author and photo educator Brian Matiash joins host Seán Duggan for a wide-ranging conversation about defining your photographic style, improving your craft, and creating a meaningful place for photography in your life. Plus, you can win a copy of Brian's book!

TheFIX 064: Photoshop Blend Modes with Scott Valentine

In this episode of TheFIX, digital artist and Photoshop author Scott Valentine joins host Seán Duggan for a deep dive into Photoshop blend modes. Scott discusses the process of experimentation and creative play that he uses to really understand what goes on under the hood with certain blend modes, and how to use them with a variety of photo projects.

TheFIX 063: Dodging & Burning in Photoshop

In this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan shows some of the basic ways you can apply dodging and burning adjustments (lightening and darkening) in Photoshop. Working with three images and using different methods that include blending modes, adjustment layers and layer masks, Seán shows some of the essential ways you can create basic tonal modifications in Photoshop. With adjustment layers and layer masks, these dodging and burning methods can be used for more than just lightening and darkening. You can adapt the basic technique to many types of tonal and color adjustments that you need to apply to a specific area of the photograph.
Lightroom Local Adjustments

TheFIX 062: Lightroom Local Adjustments

In this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan focuses on the power of Lightroom local adjustments (a.k.a. "dodging & burning") such as the Gradual Filter, the Radial Filter, and the Adjustment Brush, showing the processing for a single image from straight out of the camera to a version benefiting from multiple local adjustments.
Newport Harbor, an aerial panorama by Colin Smith

TheFIX 061: Aerial Panoramas with Colin Smith

In this episode of TheFIX, Colin Smith joins host Seán Duggan for a conversation about aerial drone photography & techniques for photographing aerial panoramas and processing them in Lightroom.