TheFIX 017: Lightroom & onOne Workflow with Matt Kloskowski

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Lightroom Workflow with Matt Kloskowski

Matt Kloskowski shares his personal Lightroom editing workflow. He also shows how to add style to your photos using onOne's Perfect Effects software, and how to quickly review your photos using onOne's Browse software.

Highlights of this episode:

00:55 Matt and Jan chat about his work educating photographers for onOne Inc.
22:33 Lightroom Tutorial: Matt shows us his workflow in Lightroom's Develop module, finishing up by moving his photo from Lightroom to Perfect Effects to add effects that bring out the best in his landscape photograph.

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About our guest:

Matt Kloskowski is an admired landscape photographer, a gifted Lightroom and Photoshop instructor, and an author of many books, videos, and training resources. Matt was one of the original Photoshop Guys for Kelby media for many years. Now he's Vice President of Photography at onOne Inc, makers of photo plug-ins and apps. Catch Matt's upcoming courses on processing landscape photos and on long exposure photography on Creative Live and check out his latest training videos at onOne.

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Where's Jan?

Jan just celebrated publication of her 40th course. Check out her latest courses:

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