TheFIX 026: Photo SOS with Seán Duggan & Jan Kabili

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Answers to common questions about Lightroom and Photoshop in this episode of TheFIX

There are two exciting new developments in this episode of TheFIX. We're thrilled to have photographer and author Seán Duggan join Jan Kabili as guest co-host of TheFIX. You'll be seeing a lot of Seán in the weeks ahead. In this episode we're also trying out a new format you'll see on TheFIX from time to time. We call this new format Photo SOS. It's a question and answer session in which Seán and Jan answer photographers' common questions about Lightroom, Photoshop, and post-processing.

If there's a post-processing question that's been nagging at you, add your question to the comments below. We'll choose the best questions to answer in a future Photo SOS episode of TheFIX, and of course we'll mention you on the podcast. And let us know in the comments whether or not you like this Photo SOS format, so we know whether to bring you more episodes like this one in addition to our traditional format.

In this episode Seán + Jan tackle questions about which program to use when for photo-editing; whether it's a good idea to organize your existing photos before importing them into Lightroom; the advantages of using adjustment layers over direct adjustments in Photoshop; the three formats that retain layers when you save in Photoshop; whether or not to copy the Background layer in Photoshop; locking the position of a layer during Photoshop retouching; and more.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Seán's October 18 workshop on Photoshop Selections, Masking & Compositing in Sacramento, California

Seán Duggan Photographs:

About Guest Co-Host Sean Duggan:

Seán Duggan is a Photoshop author and instructor and a fine-art photographer. His philosophy is to “look for the extraordinary in the ordinary,” as you can see from his imaginative photographs in this post.

Seán is a co-author of seminal Photoshop and photography books, including Photoshop Masking & Compositing, Real World Digital Photography, The Creative Digital Darkroom, and Photoshop Artistry. He is an author of innovative Photoshop and photography courses at Seán also leads fantastic workshops in locations as diverse as Iceland, Maine, Santa Fe, and Aspen. Check out his tutorials, photos, and schedule at Sean Duggan Photographics.

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Where's Jan?

Jan recently celebrated publication of her 40th course. Check out her latest courses:

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  1. I really like this SOS format and hope that you continue it on at least a monthly basis.

    I’m an amateur who took up photography as a retirement hobby 5 years ago. I retired from a career as a mainframe computer programmer, system administrator, and PC tech.

    I started off trying to teach myself GIMP from a book but soon started attending regularly scheduled classes given by a local camera club president who taught post processing using PS Elements, stressing non-destructive methods.

    After a year of attending classes and meetings of 3 local camera clubs, I got frustrated with the limitations of my point and shoot compact camera. I moved up to a midrange DSLR 4 years ago and didn’t look back after that.

    I bought Lightroom 4 after the price dropped and since then used Lightroom as my primary post processing program with Elements as its tag team partner.

    This spring after attending the 2015 CanAm Photo Expo, I became convinced that I should move up to the Creative Cloud and I’m glad I did. The videos here and elsewhere, along with books are getting me up to speed with Photoshop CC, a more powerful and versatile tag team partner for Lightroom.

    I just found this website and find the several episodes I have viewed so far (Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, Rick Sammon, Karen Hutton, Lesa Snider) very informative and a joy to watch.

    Two suggestions for future guests on your show:

    Mike Moats

    Sean Bagshaw

    Please keep up the excellent work.

    1. John Griffin: It’s so interesting to read about your photography and photo-processing journey. Thanks for sharing that. We’re glad you liked this format and are enjoying the show. Great suggestions for future guests too.

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