TheFIX 015: Pinhole Camera Photography with Roddy MacInnes

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In this episode:

Fine art photographer and photo professor Roddy MacInnes has had a life of adventure. As a wee lad in Scotland, as a world traveler in the Merchant Marine, as an arctic explorer, and now as a fine art professor, Roddy has reveled in photography as a way to celebrate life and to understand his own passions, successes, and disappointments. In this episode of TheFIX, Roddy shares his view of photography as the mirror with a memory – a tool to help us understand ourselves and our lives. Roddy shows us some of the fine art photo projects he's working on, and explains the concept and technique behind his latest pinhole camera photography project.

This episode of TheFIX comes with a warning label: Roddy MacInnes is passionate about photography and that passion is very contagious.

Highlights of this episode:

02:00 Roddy talks about the value of living a life devoted to photography.
15:00 Roddy reveals his secret for getting grants to support his photo projects.
17:10 Roddy shares photos from a recent pinhole camera photography project and from his upcoming photo book The Jim River Project.

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • 18,000 photographs by Roddy MacInnes on Flickr

Photos by Roddy MacInnes:

About our guest:

Roddy MacInnes is a tenured professor of photography in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Denver. He is an accomplished fine art photographer whose work has been exhibited in international galleries, private collections, and photo books. Roddy's passion for and approach to photography is dangerously infectious and entertaining, as you'll see in this episode of TheFIX.

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  1. Thanks Doug Kaye. Roddy is an amazing guy / photographer. It’s an honor to help more people get to know him as I do.

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