TheFIX 018: Book Giveaway & Lightroom Face Recognition with Sean McCormack

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Book Giveaway: The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC / 6

One lucky listener of this episode of TheFIX will get a free copy of Sean McCormack's new book, The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC / 6, published by Rocky Nook. Throw your hat in the ring for this great giveaway by posting a photograph you processed in Lightroom or Photoshop along with a short (very short) explanation of how you processed it. You have two weeks, until June 30, 2015, to post your photo and processing explanation in the Comments section at the end of these show notes. We'll let you know in the Comments after that date if you're the lucky recipient of Sean's book. Please don't worry if your photo doesn't appear immediately in the Comments. Our gremlins have to pass it through their spam filter first.

Lightroom Face Recognition

Face recognition in Lightroom will save you time keywording the important people in your photographs. In this episode of TheFIX, Lightroom expert Sean McCormack walks you through how to use face recognition and People view in Lightroom CC 2015. Sean's tutorial starts at 13:40 in the podcast.

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Sean McCormack is an award-winning professional photographer whose photographs have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. Sean is also a well-known Adobe Lightroom expert, author, and educator. He created the popular Lightroom Blog,, has written three Lightroom books and many great articles for magazines such as Photoshop User, Layers, and Lightroom. Additionally, Sean is an Adobe Community Professional, as well as a Lightroom Master at The Photographer Academy, the largest photography training company in Europe. He lives with his family in Galway, Ireland.

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  1. Sunrise in Dalkey (Ireland). I tend not to do loads of editing to my pictures, I just never find the time to do them. So most of my edit takes less than 5 mins. Just trying to enhance what was captured with the camera. I always follow the same 10 quick steps: 1. Straighten, 2. Crop/Reframe/Change aspect ratio, 3. Tweak white balance, 4. Tweak Exposure, 5. Highlight/Shadow Recovery, 6. Curves/Contrast, 7. Split Toning / HSL Adjustment (when needed), 8. Lens Correction, 9. Add Post Vignette (when needed) 10. Small Local adjustments (When needed)

  2. Borja Huertas, thanks for being the first to post. You’ve paved the way for lots of other posts that we can’t wait to see. Don’t by shy you all. Follow Borja’s lead and post your processed photos here.

  3. I did very few adjustments to this image, the natural colors were already incredibly vibrant and the afternoon light was great. So I used Lens Correction – Upright in Lightroom CC to bring the colorful buildings forward. The tall church tower in the background actually *does* lean so that is pretty accurate in this photo.

  4. Shot this with my Olympus OM-D Em1. 12-40 2.8 lens. Taken in Cincinnati, of the Great American Tower. Framed the image with the blooming cherry blossoms. Didn’t do alot in Lightroom 5.7, cropped the image a bit, brought up the clarity, and moved to saturation up just a little.

  5. Shot with a Nikon D80 with a 18.0-135mm F/3.5-5.6 Nikon Lens ISO 100 1/4 sec at f/10
    In Lightroom I used the crop Angle to straighten the photo a little bit as the monument was not as straight up and down as I would have liked. I cropped it to 8 x 10 format as I planned on printing it at 16 x 20. I removed a few spots from dirt on my sensor with the spot removal tool. Adjusted the Highlights down, white clipping up, added some vibrance. The last set I did was Luminance smoothing to remove some of the graininess.

  6. Thanks to Mark Dodd, S Nelson Charette, and jmlorenz58 for adding to the posts here. It’s such a pleasure to wake up to such great work. I can’t wait to see what more of you post.

  7. I captured this image at sunset in springtime at Queenstown NZ on top of a grassy hill, using my Nikon D800 1/8 sec at ƒ22, ISO 100 (7 Bracketed shots). I imported all images to LR, then I sent all 7 photos into PhotoMatix Pro to create an HDR. Then I processed a few other shots in LR, then brought all processed images into layers into Photoshop. I then used my memory, to cut through layers in different areas to recreate the moment I was there, with all the light and shadows, my human eye could see. I used the spot removal tool in PS as ƒ22 will reveal every spot on your sensor. Then merged the layers down, sent the image back to LR, and final adjustments were made, Enable Lens Profile, Crop, and final Highlights and Shadows adjustments. Done! Ferdara

    1. Mark Hubbard – Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to receive The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom by Sean McCormack from Rocky Nook publishers. We loved you image and appreciated your detailed explanation of how you processed it. Contact to make arrangements to receive your book.

    2. Thank you Jan, I enjoy all your very interesting and informative courses. Most of all I can feel the love and passion you have for photography. I learned from one of the best as Trey Ratcliff shared his “Awesomeness” at a workshop I attended in New Zealand, as he demonstrated his technicques, tips and a few tricks to bring an image to “Awesomeness” via Lightroom and Photoshop. The image I processed, the color and light was just like when I was standing on top that grassy hill at sunset on a beautiful day. It was so much fun to process it as it truly reached the “Awesomeness” style that Trey taught me. Thank you very much Jan and Sean, “The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom” will truly be put to good use. Ferdara.

  8. Only 6 more days in this giveaway to get your photos posted. Thanks for posting Mark Hubbard.

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