TheFix 020: Adobe Mobile Apps + Book Giveaway with Eric Renno

Book Giveaway: The Art of iPhone Photography

The Art of iPhone Photography is one of my all-time favorite photo books. You may be the lucky listener who gets a free copy of this book from Rocky Nook publishing. Throw your hat in the ring for this giveaway by posting a photograph you processed on a mobile phone or tablet and tell us which app or apps you used to process it. You have two weeks, until July 14, 2015, to post your photo in the Comments section at the end of these show notes. We’ll let you know in the Comments if you’re the lucky recipient of this book. Please don’t worry if your photo doesn’t appear immediately in the Comments. Our gremlins have to pass it through their spam filter first.

Adobe Mobile Apps in this episode of TheFIX

Photoshop Mix, a new free mobile app from Adobe, is a great tool for making photo composites, selections, and corrections (including upright lens corrections, content-aware retouching, and shake reduction!) on a phone or tablet. In this episode, Eric Renno presents a clever and practical way to use Photoshop Mix and Lightroom Mobile on your mobile device along with Photoshop and Lightroom on the desktop. The way these mobile and desktop apps work together is really amazing, and the workflow Eric shows you here is truly unique and useful for photographers. We also talk about how photographers might use other apps in Adobe’s growing suite of free mobile apps-like Adobe Shape, Adobe Color, Adobe Comp, and Adobe Preview.


Adobe Photoshop Mix
Adobe Lightroom Mobile
Eric’s Tip Squirrel website
Eric’s mobile editing website

About our guest:

Eric Renno is a photo educator who lives and works in England. He’s the founder of the popular Photoshop tip blog Tip Squirrel, many of whose writers have become Photoshop celebrities. He’s now building up another great resource–this one for mobile photo editing, Are You Taking the Pics.

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