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Pocketshooters Season Finale

What a journey this has been. Creating these 12 episodes of Pocketshooters has been fun and educational. In this final…

Pocketshooters on Tripods

In this episode, we discuss when and where you might want to employ the use of a tripod in your…

Time-Lapse Photography with your Mobile Phone

Creating time-lapse videos is a great way to compress events that ordinarily would take a long time to unfold.

Pocketshooters on The Rule of Thirds

In this episode we’ll dive into one of the biggest, and most important “suggestions”, it’s called the “rule of thirds”.

Pocketshooters Shooting with a Theme

In this episode we discuss the simple idea of shooting on a theme, and how that simple mindset shift can…

Pocketshooters on Simplification

Keeping your eye on the whole image, minimizing distractions while focusing attention to the subject will go miles in seperating…

Pocketshooters on Angles

In this episode we dive into the why’s and how’s of creating interesting compositions by just moving around a bit.

Pocketshooters on Zooming

To zoom, or not to zoom. That is the question. Or is it?!

Pocketshooters on Printing

In this episode it's all about printing. Should you print? Or should you keep it "digital".

Pocketshooters on Composition

In this quick episode we give you a few tips that you can use today that will result in an…

Pocketshooters on iPhone 7

Apple have recently announced the next update to the iPhone line of camera. The iPhone 7 is the latest and…

Pocketshooters on Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mobile adds some unexpected capabilities to your mobile workflow.

Introducing Pocketshooters!

Introducing a new podcast on the TWiP Network — Pocketshooters.