TWiP 488: Making Copyright Great Again

In this episode, the Trump campaign lifts photos from Flickr without permission. Kodak enters the smartphone game, and Nikon goes multi-lens with a computational photography based camera.

TWiP 484: DJI Strikes Back

Last week GoPro impressed with their new small-sized drone system dubbed Karma. DJI answers this week with a similarly sized drone, with more capability called Mavic. Also, Flickr updates it's homepage and Panasonic reveals details about the successor to their wildly popular GH4 mirrorless camera called, wait for it — the GH5!

TWiP 475: Did You Yahoo?

Verizon buys Yahoo! for $4.83B. In this episode we discuss this latest page in silicon valley drama, and what this might mean for one of Yahoo’s most prized properties — Flickr. Plus, are digital displays coming to Canon lenses and confessions of an anonymous Victoria's Secret retoucher.

TWiP 456 – Please Shoot Responsibly

This week we discuss two cases of photographers shooting irresponsibly and ruining it for others. Plus Flickr makes its' Auto-Upload feature available to pros only & we look at the ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI over cell phone security.

TWiP 412 – The ArtOfficial Photographer

This week on TWiP, Flickr revamps and releases new tools for organizing your photos. Plus Camera51 helps users compose the perfect shot & Kodak clinging to a life after film. Plus Books Institute changes ownership - listen to an insightful interview with Brooks’ president Dr. Tim Gramling.

TWiP 391 – Instagram’s InstaGROWTH

This week, Darlene Hildebrandt & Joseph Linaschke join Frederick to discuss Instagram's Instagrowth. Plus Adobe plans to purchase Fotolia and Flickr's under fire for trying to profit from images licenses as Creative Commons.

TWiP 372 – A Plethora of Pixels

This week on TWiP, Flickr announces new licensing experience, Google making plans to separate photos from Google+, & Zack Arias takes a real world look at crop vs. full-frame sensors.

TWiP 366 – Adobe & Amazon Bring It

Adobe announces changes to the Creative Cloud, Flickr removes Facebook & Google integrations, and Amazon enters the smart phone market with their Fire phone. Plus an interview with Serge Ramelli & Valérie Jardin.

TWiP 357 – The Visual Imagination

Flickr redesigns its' mobile app, Google brings Lytro-like functionality to Android phones, and Eyefi introduces a new cloud service. Plus a special interview with David duChemin of Craft & Vision fame.

TWiP 335 – How to Get the Perfect Shot

When disaster strikes, photojournalism stands tall. Getting the perfect shot. Flickr jumps into book publishing. Plus Frederick sits down for a chat with Jared Bauman of ShootDotEdit.

TWiP 324 – From Dream to Reality

Alex Lindsay returns to explain why Goggle Glass is so cool. Flickr updates its IOS App. Facebook adds shared photo albums. Also Samsung goes Android on a new camera - and Sony intros their new 'Lens Camera'. Plus an interview with NYC photographer Vivienne Gucwa.

TWiP #308 – Flickr, 500px and Google+

This Week on TWiP, Flickr rolls out a controversial refresh, Google+ streamlines its UI, adds Snapseed integration and upgrades its Android App. Plus our listener Q&A and Picks of the Week. And the show wraps up as Frederick sits down with 500px's Evgeny Tchebotarev.

7 Professional Photo-Sharing Sites

SmugMug's price increase is has been one of the hottest photography topics not involving hardware in quite a while. Many photographers have written off SmugMug as just another greedy vendor while others have come to the defense of this reputable company. In this article we look at the choices.

TWiP #268: A Happy Medium

This week on TWiP, Twitter co-founders launch "Medium," Canon's T4i rash issues cause a recall and the photo community wonders whether new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has really signed in to Flickr. Plus an interview with Photoshop expert Ben Willmore.

TWiP #264: Yahoo Googles a CEO

This week - CEO changes at Yahoo! and Lytro, Apple readies OSX Mountain Lion and a discussion about the new Google+ iPad app. Plus an interview with Dane Sanders!

TWiP #249 – How the Sausage is Made

This week on TWiP we're experimenting using a Google Hangout to discuss Yahoo layoffs and lawsuits, Instagram on Android, monitors for photographers, and an interview CJ Chilvers on minimalist photography.

Looking for a Flickr Alternative, Part II

In Part II of this series, we look at paid options to Flickr that help you do more than just show your images online. Check it out, then sound off in the comments, letting us know which one you use, and why.

Looking for a Flickr Alternative

If you're looking for an alternative to Flickr, you know there's no shortage of photo-sharing services online. We took a look at a bunch of them and narrowed our list down to a few top choices. Read on to find out what your alternatives are.