TWiP 366 – Adobe & Amazon Bring It

[google1] Host: Frederick Van Johnson
Guests:  Jeffrey Totaro & Topher Martini

This week on TWiP…

  • Adobe announces changes to their Creative Cloud
  • Flickr removing Facebook & Google logins
  • Amazon introduces the Fire Phone
  • And an interview with Serge Ramelli & Valérie Jardin

The audio in this episode kinda sucks…

Editor's Note: Apologies in advance as there is no video for this week's show. We ran into some audio difficulties with the Google Hangout recording and the audio quality wasn't up to our regular standards. Our audio wizards have worked their magic on the file to improve the audio quality, but you may still notice some issues with the audio this week.

Interview with Serge Remelli & Valérie Jardin

Last week, Frederick was in Paris and sat down with two amazing French photographers to discuss each of their perspectives on their chosen genres of photography. They give some valuable tips photographers should keep in mind when traveling.

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