Capturing Conservation: Inside the Mobilizing for Monuments Road Trip

This week features a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Mobilizing for Monuments documentary. I sat down with Anton Lorimer and Alastair Jolly, the creative minds behind this incredible project, which showcases the collaboration between Flickr, The Conservation Alliance, and Rivian to highlight the beauty and importance of America's national monuments.

In our conversation, Anton and Alastair share fascinating stories about the logistics and challenges they faced while creating the documentary. From planning the route to managing the production crew, they offer a unique perspective on what it takes to bring a project like this to life.

We also dive into the experience of driving Rivian electric vehicles through areas with minimal supercharger infrastructure. As photographers, we often find ourselves in remote locations, and Anton and Alastair discuss the innovative solutions they employed to ensure they could complete their journey while minimizing their environmental impact.

Throughout the episode, you'll gain insights into the creative process behind the documentary and learn how photography can be a powerful tool for storytelling and raising awareness about important issues like conservation.

Whether you're interested in the technical aspects of filmmaking, the adventure of a road trip through America's stunning landscapes, or the role of photography in environmental advocacy, this episode has something for everyone.

The film debuts on April 18th, click below to watch!

About Anton Lorimer:

Anton Lorimer

“I’m incredibly thankful to have the ability to create something from scratch. Each of the films I create is unique. They reflect the people and subjects I chase and document worldwide. And although the environments and stories may vary, there is always a constant passion. Passion for what they do, who they are, or what they value. I try to capture that. 

My style incorporates a cinematic feel with a sense of movement, pace, and unique perspective. This approach enhances the story by creating a feeling, a mood, or an experience.”

About Alastair Jolly:

Alastair Jolly

“I have been in the photography industry for over 20 years. Although I specialized in social and commercial photography throughout my professional career, I have always managed to find time to capture imagery for my own enjoyment and creativity. I find my creativity pulls me in different directions frequently while photographing. 

I am as happy photographing long-exposure sea and cityscapes as I am in the middle of a vast landscape or, indeed, on a Photowalk around a city. Now with my roles at SmugMug & Flickr, I am very fortunate to travel frequently, work with the best photographers in the world, and always find time for just me and my camera.”

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