TWiP Weddings 025: Driving Christmas Sales

On this episode we’re going to share some strategies to help drive sales this Christmas and end the year on a strong note to make sure you have those extra dollars in your bank account to help you get through the leaner months when your not as busy with weddings.

TWiP Weddings 024: What’s in Our Bags?

This week we’re going to let you peek inside our camera bags and provide our audience with some insight into the gear we use, why we use it, and what we use to transport it all in on the wedding day.

TWiP Weddings 023: Weddingphotogate

We share our thoughts on a recent situation involving a DJ who photographed the majority of the days events & then posted them on Facebook under his photography company's page.

TWiP Weddings 013: Beautiful Boudoir with Jen Rozenbaum

This week on TWiP Weddings, New York boudoir photographer Jennifer Rozenbaum joins us to talk about boudoir photography for wedding photographers. What can wedding photographers learn from boudoir photography and how can wedding photographers add boudoir to their photography offerings?

TWiP Weddings 012: Post-Wedding Workflow

Once a wedding has been photographed, the work has just begun. On this episode of TWiP Weddings, we share our tips and strategies for the post-wedding workflow. From downloading and safely backing up our client’s images, to culling, editing, and delivering images to the client, you’ll learn how each of us tackle the tasks that await us after the shooting portion of the job is done.

TWiP Weddings 011: Interview with Graphistudio at WPPI

This week on TWiP Weddings, it’s a special interview recorded in the Graphistudio lounge at WPPI in Las Vegas. Bruce sits down with Maureen Neises and Dario Reghatta to talk about their products, the state of the album industry, and some exciting new advancements in printing technology.

TWiP Weddings 010: Wedding Day Walk-Through Part II

This week on TWiP Weddings, Robert and Bruce continue their discussion on how they approach each part of the wedding day. On this episode they'll walk you through the second half of the wedding day and dig into the gear they use, how they approach the formal portraits, and tips for getting great shots during the cocktail hour and reception.

TWiP Weddings 09: Wedding Day Walk-Thru

This week on TWiP Weddings, Bryan, Robert, and Bruce walk you through the first half of the wedding day and dig into the gear they use, how they approach each part of the day, and tips and advice for capturing great images.