TheFIX 010: Lightroom CC – Lightroom 6 is here! with Peter Krogh

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In this episode:

Lightroom expert Peter Krogh and Jan uncover some of the exciting new features in Lightroom CC – Lightroom 6. We talk about how to use the new face recognition system in People View. Then Peter shares his screen to demo the new Photo Merge Panorama feature that lets you merge multiple photos into a raw format panorama right in Lightroom.

Highlights of this episode:

01:15 Peter and Jan talk about the new face recognition system in Lightroom CC – Lightroom 6.
14:39 Lightroom CC – Lightroom 6 Tutorial: Peter demonstrates how to use new Photo Merge Panorama feature.

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Peter's website
  • If you want to learn more about Lightroom CC – Lightroom 6, be sure to watch Jan's upcoming webinar on What's New in Lightroom CC – Lightroom 6 on TWiP Webinars.

About our guest:

Peter Krogh is a highly respected Lightroom expert. His books about Lightroom and digital asset management are best sellers. You'll find his books, workshops, and other resources at We've been fortunate to have had Peter Krogh as a repeat guest on TheFIX. Check out his tutorial on Lightroom collections and keywords in Episode 003 of TheFIX.

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Where's Jan?

To see what Jan has been up to lately, check out her in-depth Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements training courses at, her free YouTube tutorials, and her latest book The Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers Classroom in a Book.


  1. Happy with Adobe pushing the tech envelope, sad to see Lightroom 6 is the last perpetual license. At this point, Lightroom 5 & 6 are good enough for all photography needs so that I don’t see the need to incarcerate my Lightroom Libraries in the Creative Cloud to a monthly bill unless I were a professional. I knew it was just a matter of time before Adobe did that, I predicted it on their forums when PS CC was announced.

    Fortunately for me, ever since Aperture’s demise I’ve been pondering on the use of these RAW Non-destructive Adjustment Libraries and their longevity. I found I hardly ever re-edit an image and if I did I started from scratch anyway. So I’ve modified my workflow to opt for destructive editing in that once I finish with the RAW file, I store it, but I output the JPEG into a universal library any software can see.

    Non-destructive Libraries are great and all, but it’s a safety net that I feel glad letting go. It’s also forcing me to post-process better from beginning to end. Kudos to Adobe, I think this will be great for Professionals, but it is also food for thought to photographers in many other aspects.

    1. Ariel: As much as I know there is no official info from Adobe that Lightroom 6 is “the last perpetual license.” As usual, I think the real story is that we’ll have to wait and see on that. In the meantime, you can still get Lightroom 6 as a perpetual app, but the disadvantage is that you won’t have the correspondence between Lightroom desktop and Lightroom Mobile if you go with the perpetual license over the subscription. For $9.99 a month, I favor the Lightroom CC subscription, because it gives me ongoing updates and interaction with Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone and iPad.

    2. First, I want to thank you Jan for your awesome work. I learned my basics from you and Ben Long over at I appreciate both of you.

      Yes, there’s no official word on Lr 6 being the end of perpetual licenses, but I feel subscriptions are the future. I also think CC is great for professionals, but not so for hobbyist who do it on their free time. I kind of feel left out of the cool toys 🙁 That’s why I’m currently seeking an alternative workflow that is independent of any one product.

      All that said, I give Adobe credit for continuing to improve an already great product. Something that I feel is lacking from the competition. I’m one of the lucky ones that got Lr 5 for free because I was one of many who suggested to them the Advanced Healing Brushes, a feature that Aperture 3 had and I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t put it.

      Great podcast. I’m sorry Frederick, but all the other satellite podcasts are drawing my attention more.

  2. Really looking forward to learn more about LR6 – but can anyone already now tell me whether you can use European page sizes (A4, …) in the LR6-Book module?