TheFIX 003: Lightroom Collections + Keywords with Peter Krogh

In this episode:

Lightroom collections and keywords promise to help you keep track of your photos, but do you really know when and why to use collections versus keywords? Find out from Peter Krogh, photographer and photo management expert, in this episode of TheFIX. Peter throws in some great tips about publishing photos from Lightroom directly to Facebook too.

Highlights of our chat:

06:54 What to use keywords for
10:52 What to use collections for

Lightroom Tutorials:

14:08 Organizing keywords in the Keyword List panel
17:18 Making use of collections in the Collections panel
24:42 Using Lightroom Publish Services to post photos to Facebook

About our guest:

Peter Krogh is a Lightroom expert and a leading authority on digital asset management for photographers—fondly known as DAM. He’s very generous with his practical knowledge about how to organize images, whether he’s advising individual photographers or consulting for big clients like the World Wildlife Federation and The Discovery Channel. Peter is also a successful editorial photographer and an author. Check out his seminal book, The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers, and his other publications at

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  1. Here’s another great shot by Peter Krogh, our guest for TheFIX Episode 3. And I’ve got a question for you all: Do you use Lightroom Collections, and if so for what purposes?

  2. have just bought Peter’s book Organizing Your Photos and waiting for it to download. Thankyou!

  3. After listening to this episode I had no choice but to buy Peter’s Organizing your Photos LR5 book.

    I don’t use Lightroom Collections but now that I see their benefit I will fold them into my workflow.

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