THE TWiP Podcast

10 Careers in 40 Years!

In this interview, I chat with veteran photographer Kevin Gilbert. Kevin and I discuss how he has managed to have at least 10 successful careers in photographer in 40 years.

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Color of Place with Julieanne Kost

Can every location be defined by a unique, identifiable color palette? Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Evangelist and photographer Julieanne Kost set out to answer that question with her project, “Color of Place.”

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The Art of Six Figures!

In this interview Easton Reynolds breaks down how HE has broken down the process for creating high levels of repeatable income using Facebook Ads!

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Employing Chicago!

In this interview I get to interview… MY BIG SISTER! Sheryl Holman is the Founder and CEO of Community Assistance Programs, also known as CAPs in Chicago.

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