Film is Dead. Long Live Film!

with Ryan Tolbert

In this interview Boutique Film Lab's Ryan Tolbert joins TWiP to share his passion for film and how he has built a thriving business around developing and printing, the old-fashioned way!

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About Boutique Film Lab


Boutique Film Lab was created from a passion to create in an analog medium. Providing high-quality service at an affordable cost gives everyone an opportunity to do the same. While we enjoy the convenience that digital technology brings to the modern world, we want everyone to experience the joy of shooting with film. Whether it’s the unique feel of an old camera, the slow rhythm that comes along with each click of the shutter, or just the general experience of having to wait to find out what masterpiece you have just created.

We are thrilled to offer an intimate lab experience that not only offers film processing and scanning but also works with you to build your skills as a film photographer. The film community has been so good to us, many times over. The least we can do is to give back by sharing our knowledge, spreading our passion, and providing a service that keeps film alive.

BFL is a small boutique lab located in Nashville, TN that focuses on delivering high-quality images. We don’t process thousands of rolls every month and therefore we treat every order as if it were our own. The value of working with us is that you will have high attention to detail, personalized feedback, and personal customer service. If this is something that you are looking for in a film lab, we would be happy to work with you.