Inside HEX Camera Bags

This week it's a discussion with HEX camera bag co-founder Trent Valladares. We discuss how the company is attempting to differentiate from the competition, supply-chain challenges, and future innovations.

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About Trent

Trent Valladares

Inspired by fashion, music, and art with over a decade of experience in the design and photography industry, Trent Valladares, leads the design and art direction as Co-Founder of HEX. His mission for the brand is to empower everyone to explore the outer limits of their potential through thoughtfully designed products.

Developing relationships and ultimately creating exclusive collections with top names, such as Jim Lee, American Comic Book Artist; Serj Tankian, Renowned Musician and Producer; Rory Kramer, Photographer, and Filmmaker; and most recently, Misshattan, Photographer and Creative Director.

Trent thrives in building community and being a hands-on creator. Working alongside respected visual artists, musicians, and storytellers, helps to guide his creative decisions, and provides a strong knowledge base for his work and aspirations to deliver what every creator needs. In addition to his experience as a photographer and musician, Trent has also designed products for numerous domestic and international brands, including DKNY, Deluxe Skateboarding, The Hundreds, and many others.

Among Trent’s accomplishments, he has been granted three U.S. patents. He also has been a featured guest speaker at various events around the country, such as the Next Great Consumer Brand conference at the NASDAQ in New York.

About HEX

HEX draws on decades of experience in fashion, music, and art and channels it to equip the next generation of creators through products that empower everyone to explore the outer limits of their potential. Music originally brought founders Dan Maravilla and Trent Valladares together as teenagers living in late 1980s southern California.

Both, talented visual artists, would outfit concerts into total sensory experiences by creating and performing original music as well as transforming prestigious concert venues with all-encompassing art installations – to provide a total experience.

Clothing and fashion were also on the boys’ radar, often repurposing and making their own clothing and accessories. In 2010, some twenty-plus-years since Dan and Trent’s first steps into fashion, HEX was launched.

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