Photographing in GHANA! with Michael Aboya

Michael Aboya, also known as Aboya.8, is a fine art and fashion photographer based in Ghana, West Africa. This is a story about his journey to the 8, a journey that never ends, a story that will always be told long after he’s gone. At 19 years of age, his passion for arts and photography became very real.

Michael Aboya

At that time, he was studying software programming, a subject he had no particular interest in, but his parents wanted him to be a programmer. The journey and story began when he lost his father to cancer in August 2016, and this drove him to realize that one day he will also die; but does he die knowing he pursued his dreams or wasted his life? These were the questions Michael kept asking himself.

Then, he started to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional photographer. He stopped studying computer programming and used the little savings and funds he had to buy a Canon T3 camera with a Canon EF 70mm – 300mm lens. In early 2017, he started working as a full-time photographer, dedicated to learning and, most importantly, becoming a better version of himself. Today, as a visual artist working with photography, his purpose is to tell stories that inspire, empower and connect with the viewer.

His images explore emotions, love, and strength through composition, lighting, and subject matter. As he looks to the future, he looks forward to continuing the exploration of our humanity for many years to come.

Over this period, Michael has received six awards for outstanding visual storytelling and composition and made some inspiring achievements.

Best eyes Photography Award 2018, Best sound Photography Award 2018, Best horse rider Photography 2018, Best portrait for humanity 2020 By Agora Awards, He is the author Of the best photograph in the world 2019 “Songs OF Freedom” – Agora Awards 2019 in Spain, Barcelona. And photographer of the year 2022 (People’s Choice Award) in his home Country Ghana.

Michael became an Adobe Lightroom Ambassador 2021 and an Adobe Lightroom Classic Splash Screen Artist 2022; his works and story have been featured in many popular media outlets such as Forbes, BBC, Sony Alpha Photographers, and many more.


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