TWiP Talks 28: Drones! State of the Union

In this interview, I sit down with UAV/Drone pioneer Eric Cheng. We discuss the rapid pace of drone evolution, and the current state of the industry. We also discuss where all of this might be going in the not-so-distant future, both in terms of technology as well as the unfolding legalities.

TWiP Talks 24: Photo Plus Expo and Social Marketing

In this interview I'm joined by Ryan Parrilla, Dylan Hattem and Jodi Rosenblum. It's all about Photo Plus Expo and Social Marketing! We discuss how Ryan Parrilla was able to become a social media powerhouse in such a short time, and the ever changing landscape of marketing as it is applied to photographers. And we also dive into Photo Plus Expo with Jodi... she gives a sneak peek at what's in store for this years mega photography tradeshow.

TWiP Talks 22: A Look Inside the 5 Day Deal

In this interview I dive deep inside the legendary 5DayDeal. On the surface it seems like a "too good to be true" bundle of training from some of the world's best photographers. This interview seeks to answer those concerns.

TWiP Talks 21: Street Focus with Valerie Jardin

After working as a commercial photographer for 15 years, French photographer Valérie Jardin is now living the dream and only shoots for the love of the craft. She does what she loves most by educating others while leading international photo workshops, mentoring, speaking and writing. She also hosts her very own (and very popular) podcast, Street Focus — on the TWiP network.

TWiP Talks 19: Tammy Ruggles – Finding the Light

Visually impaired photographer Tammy Ruggles and I discuss some of the obvious questions regarding the challenges a legally blind photographer faces, her motivations, and more. She’s a delightfully down-to-Earth person who, despite adversity, has managed to find the light.

TWiP Talks 18: Chuck Joiner and MacVoices

In this episode I chat with veteran podcaster Chuck Joiner of Chuck and I sat down a while back to discuss his feelings about the iPhone 6, from an amateur photographer’s perspective.

TWiP Talks 16: INSIDE The Everyday Messenger

Trey and I discuss the inception of the bag, and what drove him to collaborate with Peak Design. We discuss the success of the Kickstarter campaign, and also what might be next for the Trey + Peak Design partnership.