2016's Ultimate MFT Lens Guide! An Encore with Doug Kaye and Gordon Laing

Get ready for a TWiP encore presentation that stands the test of time! Originally aired in 2016, this episode features host Doug Kaye joining forces with Gordon Laing from CameraLabs.com to dive deep into the world of micro-four-thirds (MFT) lenses.

This episode is a comprehensive guide to the top MFT lenses of 2016, covering everything from kit zooms and fisheyes to wide-angle, standard, telephoto, macro, and even extreme telephoto options.

Wondering whether to stick with the kit lens or upgrade when purchasing your next MFT camera? Are you curious about the benefits of prime lenses? Looking for advice on the best lens to add to your collection? Doug and Gordon have got you covered with expert insights and recommendations.

For a more detailed exploration of each lens featured in the roundup, be sure to check out CameraLabs.com (http://cameralabs.com).

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