TWiP 833 – Mandalorian-inspired Effects in Modern Photography, with Rob Grimm

Join Rob Grimm, a food and beverage photography visionary, as he shares his adventure into blending traditional techniques with groundbreaking LCD background projection technology inspired by ‘The Mandalorian.' With a bold and graphic style honed through working with top international brands, Rob takes us on a journey beyond the lens, where the magic of cinema meets the precision of commercial photography.

Portfolio Review:

About Rob Grimm

Rob Grimm is a commercial director, photographer, and educational instructor. He works mainly in food and beverage photography, specializing in glass and liquids. His bold and graphic style has been employed by a client list of international brands as long as your left arm, including the likes of Jack Daniel’s, Bacardi, Woodford Reserve, Brown Forman, Kraft, and Panera, to name a few.

With experience running full-service studios in both Chicago and St. Louis, Rob has a unique perspective on the business of commercial photography. In 2014, he co-founded PRO EDU, an educational company that produces tutorials for every photography genre. At PRO EDU, Rob delivered international training through online video courses and led a community of elite photographers around the world as they shared their trade secrets with future generations of visual artists. At the start of 2020, Rob left the company to get back behind the camera, executing images for his clients where he is happiest.

When Rob’s not shooting in his studio, you will likely find him rowing on the lake, building furniture in his workshop, cooking in the kitchen, working in the yard, or running about town with his wife and two daughters. He also has five cats. Yes, that’s a lot of cats.

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