TWiP 830 — Focus Stacking, with Don Komarechka (Encore)

Capturing the Impossible!

This week, we're taking a special journey back in time to one of our most enlightening episodes from 2018. In this encore presentation, we're rejoining the incredible world of macro photography with none other than Don Komarechka, a master of the unseen and the overlooked wonders of the natural world.

Based in Barrie, Ontario, Don has carved a unique niche in photography, revealing the intricate beauty of subjects as small as snowflakes and as vast as the night sky. His work is not just about capturing images; it's about storytelling and exploring the universe in ways our eyes can't perceive on their own.

So, sit back, relax, and let's re-explore the microscopic with Don Komarechka.

About Don Komarechka

Don Komarechka is a renowned macro and nature photographer hailing from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. His photographic journey is a testament to the unseen beauty of the natural world, capturing everything from the ethereal glow of auroras to the intricate details of pollen and insects. Don's work is a celebration of the universe's hidden wonders, offering a glimpse into what lies beyond the reach of our unaided vision.

With a passion for exploring and understanding the world, Don has gained notoriety for his meticulous attention to detail and ability to unravel nature's mysteries through his lens. His first mass-produced book, “Sky Crystals,” intricately examines the complexities of snowflakes, revealing a world of beauty and symmetry that often goes unnoticed.

Don's contributions to the realm of photography extend far beyond his stunning images. He is an educator and mentor, teaching workshops in nature, macro photography, photographic editing, and creative compositions. His philosophy that photography allows us to share our unique view of the world without words is deeply embedded in his teaching approach.

His work has not only captivated audiences but has also garnered the attention of prestigious organizations. The Royal Canadian Mint featured one of his snowflake images on a limited-edition silver coin, and his imagery has been integral to documentaries by the BBC and Discovery Channel, showcasing his expertise in macro photography and focus stacking techniques.

Untrained in science but driven by scientific curiosity, Don continually pushes the boundaries of modern camera technology and the physical limitations of light itself. His goal is to produce visually stunning images that encourage viewers to re-evaluate and appreciate the world around them in new ways.

“Don Komarechka: pushing the limits of light and perception, one photograph at a time.”

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