TWiP 827 – All-IN with Lightroom, feat. Brian Matiash

What a modern Lightroom workflow looks like.

This week, I'm joined by Brian Matiash, a photo educator and marketing expert who has fully embraced Adobe Lightroom for his photographic endeavors. Brian discusses his transition, experiences, and the advanced techniques he utilizes in Lightroom. Don't miss his insights into photo editing and marketing strategies.

Connect with Brian at:

A bit about Brian from his LinkedIn profile:

“I’m an adaptive product marketer passionate about driving growth through tailored and multi-faceted marketing programs. With over 12 years of marketing experience (and over 20 years of professional experience), I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of marketing, from managing robust go-to-market campaigns to developing organic and paid content strategies to conducting comprehensive market research via user interviews and customer avatar creation.

I’ve been very fortunate to build and lead several multinational marketing teams, and I am also as comfortable getting into the weeds with tactical tasks whenever needed. On a more personal note, I am an avid photo educator in my pastime, having spent over 15 years creating an extensive library of written and video content to help photo enthusiasts. My work has been published in numerous publications, and I've built several courses where students can improve their photography knowledge in a gamified environment.”

Brian Matiash

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