AlphaMirrorless 013: An interview with Gary Arndt the global traveler and photographer

In this episode, Juan and Andy interview Gary Arndt, who in March 2007 sold his house and has been traveling around the world ever since. Since he started traveling he has visited all 7 continents, over 175 countries and territories around the world, all 50 states and every US territory, every Canadian province, every Australian state and territory, over 125 US National Park Service sites and over 300 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

AlphaMirrorless 011: An interview with Brian Smith

On this episode of the AlphaMirrorless podcast, Juan interviews Sony Artisan of Imagery, celebrity and sports photographer, prolific Sony system blogger and all around great guy, Brian Smith. Also Juan and Andy answer a listener question on our INBOX segment, plus as always we share our wish and pick of the week.

TWiP #283 – Building creativeLIVE with Chase Jarvis

This week on TWiP, Frederick sits down for an interview with one of the masterminds behind creativeLive, Mr. Chase Jarvis! Chase and Frederick chat about his photographic beginnings and how he parlayed his online popularity into a 7.5 million dollar investment from Greylock Partners!

TWiP #261 – Aaron Hockley on Social Media

On this week's episode, Frederick sits down for a conversation with photographer and blogger Aaron Hockley to discuss how social media can be both a blessing and a curse and how best to avoid that nasty curse part.

TWiP #260 – Jeff Carrion

On this week's episode, Frederick sits down for a conversation with Jeff Carrion who is a Digital Media Specialist at DePaul University in Chicago. Frederick and Jeff discuss what a Digital Media Specialist is and what it takes to instruct people who don't necessarily come from a photographic background. Frederick and Jeff also discuss digital media storage and dig into Jeff's workflow when it comes to storing and backing up digital media.

TWiP #221 – An Interview with Katrin Eismann

In this special interview episode, Frederick talks to artist, author, and educator Katrin Eismann about digital photography, post-processing applications like Lightroom, and even new apps like the recently announced Carousel from Adobe.

TWiP #208 – An Interview with

On this special interview edition of TWiP, Frederick Van Johnson talks about the past, present, and future of 500px with Creative Director and Co-Founder Evgeny Tchebotarev.
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TWiP #206 – Going Pro with Robert Evans

On this special interview edition of TWiP, Frederick sits down over Skype with celebrity wedding photographer Robert Evans. They get caught up on his latest adventures, and discuss how he transitioned to becoming a full-time celebrity wedding photographer.
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TWiP #199 – An Interview with Heather Champ

On this special episode of TWiP, Frederick sits down for an insightful interview with Heather Champ - a life-long camera junkie, former Director of Flickr Community, and co-founder of JPG Magazine.

TWiP #190 – The Furious Five

Public outcry causes a photographer to drop a copyright lawsuit, Tamron & Nikon readying built-in Image Stabilizers in their Tele-extenders?, Steve Simon joins in "randomly" and an interview on photo sharing sites with PurePhoto CEO, John Ellis.