TWiP Talks 1: Photo Storage Strategies with Scott Vouri

[smart_track_player url=”″ color=”6a1915″ title=”Photo Storage Strategies with Scott Vouri” artist=”TWiP Talks 01″ ] Scott VouriTaking the correct steps to safeguard your photos should be number one in your priority list as a digital content creator (photographer). Unfortunately, this important topic is an after thought for many. We have no problem purchasing the latest cameras, lenses and software, yet when it comes to protecting the priceless images created by all of that wonderful gear, we shrug our shoulders. It just ain't right, I tell ya!

In this episode I sit down with Western Digital's Vice President of Marketing, Scott Vouri to discuss some of the new products they’ve released. Many of their new products are aimed squarely at photographers and solving the growing issue of data storage.

About Scott

Scott Vouri leads the strategic planning, marketing, advertising and business development teams for the worldwide retail division of Western Digital, which delivers sales of over 25M units per year.

Prior to WD, Vouri was CEO of Glide TV, an Internet TV solutions provider selling cloud services, client software and consumer electronics devices. Previous to that, he worked at NVIDIA Corporation as general manager of the multimedia division, where he led the team that captured the lion’s share of the market for high definition video processors for PCs and drove the company’s digital home business. Prior to NVIDIA, Scott was responsible for the graphics and multimedia business unit at Diamond Multimedia, managing product development and marketing while growing the company into the industry leader, both in revenue and brand recognition.