Your Itinerary 09: Everything Everywhere with Gary Arndt

Arndt_headshotIf you think you travel a lot, let me introduce you to Gary Arndt. Gary has multiple Travel Photographer of the Year awards from the SATW, NATJA and more. His blog was named to too many “Best Travel Blog” lists to name here (You can read the full list HERE). Gary is one of the hosts of This Week in Travel, AND he's been on the road since 2007!

I thought Gary's road to photography was an interesting story, and probably not what you'd think. His portfolio runs the travel photography gamut, from portraits to landscape and everything in between. You can see by his work that his travels have allowed him to be in the right place at the right time to get great shots in great light.

Consider this episode a small introduction to Gary Arndt, and rest assured I'll be picking his brain on future episodes of Your Itinerary as well. A photographer and travel blogger who has been around as much as Gary has lots of experience we can all learn from to improve our own photography and travel experience.

Check out Gary's blog and portfolio at, and be sure to follow his links to all of his social media channels.

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Have a happy holiday and we'll see you next week!

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