Where is Your Itinerary?!

As you may have noticed, the Your Itinerary show on the TWiP Network featuring Rob Knight has been dormant for a while. So, I’ve got some good news, and of course, some bad news to tell you.

First, the bad news — Rob Knight has moved on from the show to focus on some other things. And though he’s still 100% a friend of — and loved by TWiP, he will no longer be hosting our Your Itinerary podcast.

The good news is, the show is not gone! In fact, We’ve taken this opportunity to revamp the whole thing, with a new format, a new host and some really exciting new content.

This new show will no longer be called Your Itinerary, rather it'll be called something entirely new and fresh. To get this new show, there’s no need to resubscribe if you’re already subscribed to Your Itinerary.

Look for new episodes to start appearing in this feed mid-to-late January. And leading up to the shows launch, myself and our mysterious new host will be revealing details about this exciting new addition to the TWiP Network.

Until then, keep traveling and keep shooting!

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