TWiP 488: Making Copyright Great Again

In this episode, the Trump campaign lifts photos from Flickr without permission. Kodak enters the smartphone game, and Nikon goes multi-lens with a computational photography based camera.

TWiP 373 – Monkey Business

When a monkey takes a photo… who owns it? A New Zealand newspaper uses a Facebook photo without permission… and it’s the WRONG photo! Plus Adam Carolla won’t let a podcast patent troll drop their suit against him.

TWiP 327 – Going Postal

The US Postal Service pays $685,000 for copyright infringement. Nikon introduces the water proof, freeze proof and shock proof AW1. And a USA Today sports photographer gets caught faking an important shot.

TWiP #293: Triple Play

This week on TWiP: Three short interviews with three good friends of the show. First, Frederick interviews Brooks Institute's Chris Orwig on how photographers can develop their individual style. Brian Fischer is up next with a look at the recent Blog World and New Media Expo. Finally, Don Komarechka is on hand to set the record straight on Canadian copyright.

TWiP #281 – O Canada O Copyright

This week on the show, Canadian photographers rejoice over changes to their copyright laws, interesting new photography trends emerge, a Brazilian model uses Hurricane Sandy's aftermath as a backdrop for a photo shoot, SmugMug responds to "passionate feedback", and Bruce Clarke chats with Gerard Murphy from Mosaic.

TWiP 278 – The Photographer’s Survival Manual

This week, join the conversation as Frederick Van Johnson hosts copyright experts Ed Greenberg and Jack Reznicki to talk about the legal considerations of the photography trade. In this special interview, glean tips, practical pointers and 3 to-do's to get your business onto the right side of the law.

Patents, Pixels and Trolls

The original intent of the patent process was to prevent damage, but not stifle innovation. Unfortunately, the tech industry is currently being throttled by stifling patents and frequently the trolls that pursue them.

TWiP #246 – Pinterest’s Interest

This week on TWiP: Is Pinterest helpful or harmful for photographers? The Daily Mirror uses a stolen image to illustrate a story about serial killers, a photographer kills the subject he was sent to cover, and Frederick sits down for a chat with photographer Dan Alban to talk about running a brick and mortar studio.

TWiP #217 – Big Things in Small Packages

Now they're saying size DOES matter? An Israeli company develops a smaller Jpeg, Flickr lets you put up a digital fence around your photos, Urban Outfitters & their photographer face a lawsuit from parents of a model he photographed in a, let's say, 'adult' manner. Plus a special interview with Jack Reznicki.

TWiP #192 – Lady Gaga’s Poker Face on Copyright

Lady Gaga demands the rights to concert photographs, laser focusing to help with the dreaded focus hunting, and one New Yorker's quest to return a lost roll of film ends in Paris. Plus a special interview with Trey Ratcliff.

TWiP #190 – The Furious Five

Public outcry causes a photographer to drop a copyright lawsuit, Tamron & Nikon readying built-in Image Stabilizers in their Tele-extenders?, Steve Simon joins in "randomly" and an interview on photo sharing sites with PurePhoto CEO, John Ellis.

TWiP #185 – PixSylated

This week on TWiP: Is Nikon prepping for a "mirrorless" pro camera?, Are phone cameras the next copyright violators, and the discovery of one of the greatest street photographers of the 20th century... after she was gone.
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TWiP #180 – I Am Ironman

On this episode of TWiP, Copyright or Copy wrong, Iron Man body armor for your dSLR, and marketing guy Josh Norem talks 3rd party lenses.
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TWIP #127 – iPad for Photographers

This week: The iPad - What's in it for Photographers? More thoughts on when and when not to shoot, and special guest hosts Rick Sammon and Derrick Story.