TWiP #293: Triple Play


Host: Frederick Van Johnson

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP, it's a triple shot of TWiP goodness! Jump into the discussion as Frederick sits down for 3 short interviews with Chris Orwig, Brian Fischer and Don Komarechka.

1. Chris Orwig discusses how photographers can develop their individual style and unveil their unique vision (2:00)

2. Brian Fischer evaluates the recent Blog World and New Media Expo (26:55)

3. And Don Komarechka sets the record straight on the new Canadian Copyright Law (37:50)

Chris Orwig on defining style and realizing vision:


Brian Fischer on Blog World and New Media Expo 2013: 


Don Komarechka on Canadian Copyright Law:


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Photo Credits: Frederick Van Johnson

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  1. Dang! I was not entering the contest correctly!! was a bit difficult to understand. I suggest Raffelcopter be more specific in the instructions. Or I get smarter!! 🙂

  2. I cannot stand Don Komarechka. I find it ridiculous that Don is talking about copyright law, intellectual property and giving credit where credit is due.

    If you have listened to Don Komarechka’s interviews/shows, Don gave credit to The Big Bang Theory for giving him the idea of how to preserve snowflakes in his first appearance. In his second appearance Don claimed he figured it out himself and he had an eidetic memory (Sheldon wannabe). After Don claimed he had an eidetic memory, he keeps stating he cannot remember where he read this or cannot remember how many snowflakes he has preserved and cannot remember this or that. Don you might want to find out eidetic memory means.

    Don also took credit for coming up with the Pringles can flash. You can find it on DIY photography ( and TWIP episode 201 I believe.

    Don you are a liar and a fake. Fredrick lets drop Don and bring on another GOOD host. Matthew Jordon Smith would be my first pick.

  3. I agree Dean. Don Komarechka is good photographer, but a bum. Make TWIP better by getting rid of Don Komarechka!!!!!!

  4. I have been listening to TWIP for some time. I have never seen or heard people complain about a host until Don Komarechka arrived. Take the hint and get rid of Don. He is the weak link. Bruce Clarke should be on more.

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