TheFIX 007: Photoshop Artistry with Karen Hutton

In this episode:

Popular photographer Karen Hutton pulls back the curtain to show us how she processes her photographs in Photoshop–with lots of layers, a dash of plug-ins, and a sprinkling of Karen Hutton magic to coax out the story and mood in each image.

Highlights of this episode:

00:40 Karen and Jan chat about Karen's life in photography, how she gives each of her photographs her signature style, and the role of post-processing in Karen's workflow.
14:05 Photoshop Tutorial: Karen walks us through how she processes her photographs in Photoshop.

Karen's favorite Photoshop plug-ins mentioned in this episode:

Karen Hutton photos:

About our guest:

Karen Hutton is a photographer and a creative artist. Whether she's shooting breathtaking landscapes, intimate encounters with nature, or faraway places, Karen's unique artistic style is evident in each of her photographs. She is not only a talented shooter, but also a true artist at the computer, where she uses a variety of programs and plug-ins to bring that Karen Hutton magic to her photographic fine art.

Karen Hutton always has new projects up her sleeve, which is literally true with her latest project–a clothing line in collaboration with fashion star Vida that features Karen's photographs. To find out what Karen is up to, check out her website, blog, and photo gallery at And purchase prints of her finest work at

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Where's Jan?

To see what Jan has been up to lately, check out her in-depth Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements training courses at, her free YouTube tutorials, and her latest book The Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers Classroom in a Book.

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  1. Karen you’re amazing. I like your approach. It’s like an adventure where you don’t know where it will take you. I enjoy your style. I find it liberating because at one point while learning photography I felt like i was a liar if I altered the scene. Now it’s about exercising my imagination and making it believable. Thank you for sharing. Thank you Jan as well. You and Ben long taught me the basics.

  2. Great to hear from you Ariel. I agree that Karen is amazing. I’m proud to know her and awed by her work.

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