TheFIX 002: Layers, Layers, Layers! with Lesa Snider

In this episode:

Photoshop author Lesa Snider shares her favorite Photoshop tips for avoiding common photo-editing mistakes. She shows how and why to use lots of layers and adjustment layers, apply retouching tools on empty layers, and create one layer from many without flattening. Along the way you’ll see how to slim a face with Free Transform and how to soften skin using Camera Raw as a filter.

Talking Photoshop:

7:30 The importance of layers
9:12 Fav new features: Blur Gallery filters and Focus Area selections
11:25 Discovering your version of Photoshop and Camera Raw
12:05 Fav Camera Raw features: Upright, the Radial Filter, and spot visualization


15:25 Editing with layers and adjustment layers
19:30 Using retouching tools on empty layers
24:30 Stamping layers to make one layer from many
27:09 People slimming with Free Transform
27:40 Converting for Smart Filters to make one layer from many
28:00 Softening skin with Camera Raw as a filter

About our guest:

Lesa Snider is the author of the best-selling Photoshop Missing Manual for every version of Photoshop from CC back to CS4. She’s a founding instructor at and a long-time member of the Photoshop World Dream Team of instructors. She’s a regular columnist for Photoshop User magazine and And she’s written a series of streamlined ebooks on Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, and photography called The Skinny Books. Check out Lesa’s books, tutorials, and creative posts at

Where's Jan?

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  1. I’m wondering how many of you feel like you’ve got a handle on Photoshop layers. Are layers something you’d like to learn more about, or have you got it down?

  2. Great episode. To answer your question Jan, whenever I think I have a handle on layers, I discover another area where I can learn more. I really enjoyed the tips from Ms. Snider. I had been doing some of these tips, but to the point raised, did not always understand why I was doing them. Thanks!

  3. Great to hear from your DR Chevalier. We’re so glad you enjoyed the layers tips in this episode. Like you, I think the ‘why’ is just is important as the ‘how’ when it comes to understanding Photoshop features.