The END of All About the Gear?

Hello fans of All About the Gear! It’s been some time since the guys have posted anything for this show and for that I personally apologize.

However, All About the Gear is not dead! We’re just switching formats. Instead of focusing exclusively on cameras and lenses, the show will now cover *all* gear thats related to photography and photographers.

This is a huge evolution of this show. And season TWO of All About the Gear will commence shortly, with a brand new host — A.D. Wheeler of Exploratographer fame. A.D. is already busy at work digging into hot new gear to share with you.

But to whet your appetite for the upcoming flood of new episodes, shortly I’ll be releasing a quick review I recorded for you.

Thanks for your loyalty to TWiP and to All About the Gear, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this next evolution of the show. Check out A.D. Wheeler's stuff over at

I'd also like to welcome our sponsor for season 2 of All About the Gear, Zenfolio!





  1. This will be better. I would actually prefer a gear show that talked MOSTLY about photo gear other than cameras and lenses. Most of us have our camera and our lenses. Most of us add to our lens set once in a great while and even less often do we buy another body BUT we buy various types of photo gear more often

  2. I’ll miss Doug and Gordon. They’ve provided information about cameras that’s often not found in published reviews – things like handling, ergonomics, and AF performance. With the rapid release of new camera models in the mirrorless market, their reviews have helped me keep abreast of latest developments. Thanks guys!