Street Focus 37: Q&A and Street Challenge

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Today, my guest co-host for Street Focus 37: Q&A and Street Challenge is photographer Levi Shand. He was our guide for the Streets of the World Madrid special on episode 12. You can see more of Levi's work on Flickr and his website.

Together we answer a question from Gary Lum about lens adapters and metadata in Lightroom. Bill Mellett asks whether or not bad weather affects our street photography. And finally a question sent by Ian Levesey regarding the Leica M mono camera.

And the winners are… The last contest was about color and we have two winners who will each receive an ebook, compliments of

Michael Barkley for the following image:

©Michael Barkley
©Michael Barkley

Biljana for a following image, you can see more of her work on her website:


Picks of the week:

Levi's pick is The Open Road American Roadtrip by David Campany

Valerie's pick is her Crumpler camera bag

New challenge: Reflections, please enter your reflection shot in the comment section of this post by June 18th.

Samples of reflection shots by Valerie Jardin and Levi Shand:


  1. Thank you Valerie and Levi (and Doug too on Google+) for answering my question on the show.

    1. Thank you for listening to the show and for submitting a question Gary, please do so again!

  2. Hi Valerie, I so enjoy your show and I am looking forward to meeting you this fall. I send you the attached photo for consideration in the reflection challenge. I do not know if this really counts as a street photo since the girl is my granddaughter. She was taking dance lessons and became fascinated with her image in the studio’s floor to ceiling mirror. I did not pose her; try to pose a 3 year old, but i came quietly around and took this photo. Keep up the great shows. All the best, Ed Eckert

    1. Hi Ed, thank you for listening to the show and for sharing such a beautiful moment. I look forward to meeting you in NYC as well!

  3. Thanks for a Great PodCast. I don’t shoot in the streets as much as wildlife but when you described the current street challenge, I recalled an image I took in NYC while waiting for my wife to test for “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” at ABC TV. She passed the test but has never gotten a call to be a contestant. I sat in a small park and shot what I saw – and it included this one. Enjoy

  4. Hi Valerie, thank you for yet another wonderful podcast! Ive been considering submitting some shots for the challenges for a while now and this time I decided to finally do it because reflections is something I shoot whenever I can. My shot is from the series I shot last winter in Venice. All the best and Im looking forward to meeting you in October.

  5. Hi Valerie! I’m looking forward to meeting you in Chicago! And, thank you for trying to fit me in to the September Paris workshop. I am very sorry that I will not be joining you there. Here is a store window reflection from Chicago.

  6. Hi Valerie.
    A quick suggestion for you and your guests: I think everyone here will agree that the standard of many submissions to your Street Challenges is very high and it is always interesting to hear your and your guest’s analysis of the winning images. Since you’ve got this resource of other good shots, though, could you consider analysing a few more of the submissions each time?
    Street is a highly subjective genre and I’m sure we’d all learn a lot from hearing analysis, discussion and constructive criticism of some more shots.
    Just a thought!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Mark, the problem is that this show is audio only for the time being and when we start talking too much about an image, listeners complain because they are driving or exercising and rarely take the time to look at the pics on the show notes.

    2. Yes, I see – I suppose you’re never going to be able to keep everyone happy!

      I must say, though, that I find live discussion among friends is the best way to appreciate and learn from others’ street photography images, more than for almost any other photo genre. It would be great if you were able to introduce some of this in the future.

    1. Great capture Bill! Love the tiny person and their reflection in the composition

  7. Hi Valerie, I recently got into street photography and I love your podcast it help me a lot. Thank you!
    I hope you would do another workshop at LA.

    Taken at the Grand Central Market at downtown LA.

  8. Riding the Vaporetto in Venice. If you look close, you can see me taking the picture….

  9. Striding through London

    Capturing reflections is perhaps my favourite thing to do on the streets. This one was captured when I was out and about in London and I came across this huge puddle. I just bent down and waited for the right subject.

    Love the show Valerie and I’m really enjoying the new street tips section.

  10. Thanks, Valerie,
    for the great podcasts and the helpful tips – loved this week’s episode with you and Eric Kim.
    Photo: The hair stylist, shot recently in Vancouver.

  11. Great episode! Not sure if this is a true reflection shot as discussed, but here it is.

  12. I captured this during a photo walk where saw the nice reflection in this shiny wheel cap.

  13. I’ve called this “So which is my reflection?” as it appears the guy is looking at all the reflections. Taken in Central London.

  14. People waiting in Union Station in downtown Los Angeles on a freshly cleaned floor.

  15. Love the show, Valerie! Thanks for hosting the challenges. I’m new to street photography or rather photography in general. This shot was taken on my 2nd ever photo walk just 2 weeks ago with my Fuji X-T1 first non point-n-shoot bought just 3 weeks. Your show and the community are one of the reasons why I grow even more passion for street photography. Any comment is appreciated Thanks again!

  16. Voici ma photo je l’appelle Metropolis elle me fait penser au film de Fritz Lang. Love your show. Cheers!

    1. Jonathan, thanks for participating. Please just one submission per person next time, thanks! 🙂

  17. The contest is now closed. Winners will be announced in Episode #41 on July 2. Thank you all for participating!

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