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The Digital Storyteller, with Amy DeLouise!

In this week’s episode, I have a great conversation with the amazing Digital Storyteller and Content Strategist Amy DeLouise! We discuss creativity, filmmaking, and what it takes to be a multi-platform content creative.

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Photographing Protests and the Pandemic

Recently photographer Alexis Hunley has found herself in the middle of intersecting world events — photographing Black Lives Matter protests and Trump rallies… all in a city that has been absolutely hammered by the COVID-19 disaster.

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The Creativity Conference

This week I chat with futurist a filmmaker, Maxim Jago. We talk about his latest project, The Creativity Conference, taking place January 22nd – 24th.

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Panasonic’s New BOX Camera

In this interview photographer and YouTuber, PhotoJoseph and I discuss Panasonic’s new “box” micro-four-thirds camera. Who’s this camera for, why not just buy a “regular” camera and the most important question of all… should I buy it?!

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Portfolio Websites — Build or Buy?

In this episode, I chat with web designer Alex Vita. We talk about web design and website galleries – as they apply to photographers. Should you “roll your own”? Hire out, or something in-between.

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Editing in Isolation

Editor, Filmmaker, and Educator Lee Herbet joins the podcast this week to discuss how he’s managing to survive and thrive while editing, in isolation!

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