Conversations with the brightest pixels in photography.

SmugMug Films Releases: Karen Hutton – Framing the Journey

In this interview I sit down with Karen Hutton and Anton Lorimer, the two amazing artists behind the newly released…

TWiP 549 – Photographers Travel Tips for 2019 PART TWO!

In this episode, once again I’m joined by Matt Granger and Lee Herbet to discuss some of their learnings from…

The Mamba Mentality – How I Play

Andrew D. Bernstein is the Senior Official Photographer for the NBA. Andrew has collaborated on a fantastic new book with…

Travel the World and Tell Stories – TWiP 548

In this epiosode, Asher Svidensky and I discuss his travels and how he is driven to tell stories, rather than to…

Photographing Marks of Pride and Beauty

We discuss Jan van Beijnhem's new book project Marks of Pride and Beauty

Photography’s Next Big Thing — Motion Art?

Troy Christopher Plota is a co-founder of Plotagraph — software designed to allow you to add animation to your still…

The Importance of the PRINT!

Paul Hassell joins to discuss the renaissance of printing, and the importance of the print.

Understanding 3rd Party Lenses with The Phoblographer himself!

Chris Gampat discusses the virtues and economics of third-party lenses versus OEM lenses.

Understanding the Art of Scanning!

Mitch Goldstone of joins me to discuss the ins-and-outs of scanning in today's high-tech world.

The Business of Architectural Photography

In this interview, Architectural Photographer Jim Doyle and I sit down to discuss the business side of Real Estate and…

Digital vs Print and Mimeo Photos!

In this interview, I sit down with Nigel Barker to discuss Mimeo Photos and the importance of print and digital.…

Making Images with Story and Light

In this interview, I sit down with wedding and portrait photographer Benjamin Edwards. Ben and I discuss story, light and…

Using Photography to Give Back!

In this interview I sit down with photographer Clay Cook to discuss his approach to commercial photography, philanthropy, traveling the…

Talking Olympus with Joe Edelman

Joe Edelman joins the show to discuss his work, Olympus gear and the "Geartographer" phenomenon.

Inside Picr – building the “Shopify” for freelance photographers

Picr co-founder Paul Mikhaylenko gives us an inside look at the software his company has produced.

Inside Advertising Photography

Fashion, Beauty and Advertising photographer Wayne Johns gives a candid and revealing look at the inner workings of the commercial…

Data Storage Tech for Photographers

A look at the future of data storage for photographers!

The Mothership of All Storms

Sean Heavey is suing Netflix for copyright infringement!

Photographing the Animal Kingdom

Advertising and commercial photographer Randal Ford discusses his new book "The Animal Kingdom".

How to Think like a Businesswoman

In this interview, Resource Magazine President and CEO Alexandra Nikki joins me to discuss her amazing journey of self-discovery and…

Time to Upgrade Your Camera and Go Pro?

Darlene Hildebrandt of joins to discuss the unavoidable "Gear Aquisition Syndrome".