Encore: Unlocking the Mysteries of Light Painting with Kim Henry & Eric Paré

Today I'm thrilled to present an encore presentation of one of the most captivating discussions from the “This Week in Photo” podcast. Dive into the ethereal world of light painting with our distinguished guests, Kim Henry and Eric Paré, who have mastered the art of using light as their brush and the night sky as their canvas.

A Journey into Light Painting

Light painting isn't just a photographic technique; it's a form of art that allows photographers to weave light into the fabric of their images, creating something truly magical. In this episode, Kim and Eric take us behind the lens to share their journey, challenges, and the sheer joy of creating with light.

What You'll Discover:

  • The Foundations: Even if you're new to light painting, our guests break down the essentials you need to get started.
  • Creative Techniques: From basic strokes to complex compositions, discover the techniques that make each piece unique.
  • The Gear Guide: Find out what tools you need to begin your light painting adventure.
  • Stories Behind the Shots: Every image tells a story. Hear about the inspirations and experiences behind some of Kim and Eric's most memorable photographs.

Eric on getting noticed:

Whether you're looking to explore a new photography genre or wanting to add some new techniques to your skillset, this episode is a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. Light painting offers endless creative possibilities, and who better to guide you through it than two of the most innovative photographers in the field?

We invite you to watch the interview, be inspired, and perhaps start your own journey into the fascinating world of light painting. Remember, the only limit is your imagination!


Eric Paré and Kim Henry meld their love for performance art, photography, travel, and the mesmerizing art of light painting into a singular, vibrant lifestyle. Armed with their innovative light-painting tubes, they traverse breathtaking landscapes worldwide, crafting extraordinary images where light painting meets natural beauty. They generously share insights into their creative process, offering tips and techniques every step of the way.

When not adventuring abroad, this dynamic duo can be found in their Montreal studio, where dance and movement are captured in stunning detail using a sophisticated 360° system equipped with 176 cameras. This blend of studio precision and the spontaneity of outdoor shoots fuels their artistic evolution, allowing them to explore the full spectrum of their craft. Their distinctive work has caught the eye of major media outlets like CNN, MTV, BBC, and TEDx, and they've collaborated on high-profile campaigns for brands including Audi, Apple, Adobe, HP, ESPN, Intel, Canon, and Microsoft.

Recent ventures have seen Eric, Kim, and their team at major events such as Coachella, Panorama, CES, SXSW, Xposure, and even the Olympic Games, continually expanding their creative horizons.



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