TheFIX 077: Photoshop World Talks II

On this episode of TheFIX Seán Duggan concludes his series of talks from the recent Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Julieanne Kost talks about image sequencing and the Adobe Portfolio site that is available to all Creative Cloud members; Glyn Dewis shares some of his inspiration sources for the innovative images and composites he creates; and Josh Haftel talks about some of the misconceptions that many people still have about mobile photography and how he uses Lightroom Mobile in his own photo workfow.

TheFIX 073: iOS Photos – Quick Tips

New to the iPhone? Or, just need some tips working with the iOS Photos app? On this episode of TheFIX, Seán Duggan shows some of the essentials for working with the iOS Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. We cover the Camera Roll, the date and location-based organization offered by Moments, Collections and Years, as well as the Smart Albums created by iOS, and albums that you create.We also look at the Maps and Search features to find images based on where and when they where photographed.

TheFIX 068: Mobile Creativity with Dan Marcolina

In this episode of TheFIX, designer and photographer Dan Marcolina takes us on a magical mystery tour of iPhoneography, mobile creativity, and his books and apps (now available for free!) on that subject.

TWiP #309 – New Yorkers – Exposed!

This week on TWiP: New Yorkers furious over photographs taken through windows and is it the beginning of the end for the compact P&S? Plus, be careful what you share - SnapChat photos not really deleted and an interview with Derrick Story on being the mobile photographer. Dan Ablan, Tristan Hall, and Valerie Jardin join Frederick to discuss these topics and more.
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TWiP #194 – In Living Color

This week on TWiP:  A new mobile photo sharing application raises $41 million dollars prior to launch, how printing often can save you time and headaches, Samsung taps Tessara for zoom technology without m...