TWiP 457 – Chasing Color

Instagram is changing its' algorithm for displaying photos - how will this affect photographers? Plus Apple announces a new iPad with sensors to automatically adjust the display based upon the ambient light conditions.

TWiP 438 – Overexposing Instagram

A former Instagram model edits photos to reveal the truth behind them. Plus B&H is under fire for its' working conditions & layoffs begin at National Geographic.

TWiP Talks 24: Photo Plus Expo and Social Marketing

In this interview I'm joined by Ryan Parrilla, Dylan Hattem and Jodi Rosenblum. It's all about Photo Plus Expo and Social Marketing! We discuss how Ryan Parrilla was able to become a social media powerhouse in such a short time, and the ever changing landscape of marketing as it is applied to photographers. And we also dive into Photo Plus Expo with Jodi... she gives a sneak peek at what's in store for this years mega photography tradeshow.