TWiP 391 – Instagram’s InstaGROWTH

This week, Darlene Hildebrandt & Joseph Linaschke join Frederick to discuss Instagram's Instagrowth. Plus Adobe plans to purchase Fotolia and Flickr's under fire for trying to profit from images licenses as Creative Commons.

TWiP 352 – The Jedi Mind-Trick

This week on TWiP, Nikon announces the Nikon 1 V3, Instagram & product placement, drone pilots flying high again, and Calumet closes it's doors after 75 years in business. Plus an interview with photographer and educator Rob Knight.

TWiP 351 – Stock! In the Name of Love

This week on TWiP, Getty Images makes much of it's portfolio free to use, a photographer makes $15K in one day on Instagram, iStock photo introduces a subscription model, & 500px Prime goes live. Plus an Interview with Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller.

TWiP 313 – Instagram, I Like to Move It, Move It

This week on TWiP, Instagram adds video, the Associated Press invests in crowd sourced video site Bambuser, and a woman in L.A. is fatally wounded after photographing panhandlers. Plus a special interview with Michael Freeman. Darlene Hildebrandt and Martin Bailey join Frederick Van Johnson for this week's episode.

TWiP #285 – Irreconcilable Pixels

Google announces a new Communities feature, Reuter's top 95 images of 2012 reveal some interesting stats, is 2013 Sony's year? Plus Instagram breaks up with Twitter and Frederick interviews the CEO of Connected Data, Geoff Barrall, about his latest project - the Transporter.

10 Free iPhone Apps Every Photographer Needs

Mobile photography continues to be one of the hottest trends in photo communities all over the world. Yes, everyone has a pretty good camera in their hands now but there is no need to fear for the art of photog...

TWiP #250 – Facebook Hearts Instagram

This week on TWiP, we continue our use of Google Hangouts to discuss Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, and 500px's new "Plus" plan. The panel also talks about what constitutes a "limited edition," and about a proposal from Adobe to bring Photoshop-esque blend modes into HTML5.

TWiP #197 – For Rent: Photoshop

Adobe jumps into the subscription business. Instagram escapes the Matrix. And are film cameras dead? Listen in on the discussion featuring Frederick Van Johnson, Alex Lindsay, Derrick Story, and Moose Peterson.